I'm ready to talk about it.

On Monday morning, I posted that I might go into hibernation if my team lost that night.

Well, we definitely lost... to put it nicely. So I'm ready to finally mention the f-word again on my blog. 

Yeah, football.

We had our get together and I figured I could still share how much joy we had BEFORE 
the second half basically destroyed our smiles. The picture taking pretty much stopped at halftime.

The girls having some fun pre-game!

ALSO- Blogger gridiron challenge gals. Just a reminder that you CAN update your roster each and every week. So if you did horribly, like myself, you can switch it up. Just be sure to do it before tonight's Thursday night game Bears v. Packers. Who do you guys have winning?!?!

I can only hope the Battle of Ohio this Sunday turns out better than our MNF debut.
Browns are going down!!!!!



  1. The first step is talking about it! So you're making progress : ) Hopefully the next game will have a better turnout! My bulldawgs are 2 and 0 right now!!! Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. Have a great day!

  2. I was definitely thinking about you on Monday night. But you've got to remember, who has seen Joe Flacco like that? It seemed like such a fluke. I know y'all will bounce back! I hope so, since AJ Green is on one of my fantasy teams!

    Thanks for linking to the Blogger challenge. I probably would have forgotten to set my lineup!

  3. your pictures are so cute! sorry for the loss :(

  4. Sorry for the loss, I love how much you love it though! Being a die hard fan for something makes it way more fun!


  5. Allrriiiiigggghhttt. A few things, I just love that your blog is growinnggg like crazy ;) second- I can't believe you'd post EITHER pictures of me up there, I look like a sick little boy!

    Buuuut third- I love you, and that makes it all okay.

  6. Yeah, I'm glad I was in public to watch the game or else I would have moped and probably cried myself to sleep alone in my apartment. Being with friends keeps me normal - at least pretending to be normal.

    On the upside, I'm positive our boys will have a better showing against the Browns.

  7. Go Pack Go! My husband is a Bears fan so these games are always a little rough in our house. I'm trying to teach my kids what's right though :)

  8. I totally understand the devastation of Sunday. As a Colts fan...I...uh..I just can't. :(

    And I want the Packers to win because my Facebook feed is tired of having to read "Bears beat the Colts TWO regular season games in a row!" And we beat you in the Super Bowl. Our rings are shiny and our banner is pretty. Thank you, Rex Grossman. :)

    I'm about over these replacement refs too, by the way. I will never complain about the officials again when we get our real ones back.

  9. At least your pictures are cute :)

  10. Great pictures! :) We had some sad pandas in our house as well lol!


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