Dear Fall

Dear Fall,

I'm seriously in love with you. I'm loving that I don't sweat instantly when I walk out of my house in the morning. I'm loving that sweaters are slowly creeping back into my wardrobe. I'm loving getting out my fall decor and making our house feel cozy again.

Also, while we're chatting, Fall... I wanted you to be aware of all I have planned for us in the upcoming two months.

The sunflower farm and corn maze we have visited the past two years is a MUST for J and I. As you can see, we really love sunflowers.... especially J.

And of course, carving pumpkins in a must.... Perhaps we'll even get a little more adventurous this year in our designs. (Bengal tiger logo, anyone?!)

I'm also hoping I can convince J to do another fall photo shoot with me.... after all, it's now been 2 years since we had our engagement pictures done. I think we're due for an updated leaves-throwing-fight. ;)

I'm already looking forward to making THESE cookies again, as they were big hit last fall: Pumpkin Toffee Chip and Rolos!
via Picky Palate
And you better believe we have already set out in the perfect idea for Halloween costumes this year. However, that shall remain a secret for the time being.

Thanks for letting me fill you in, Fall. We're hanging out soon!




  1. That sunflower field looks awesome! So pretty! I wish you lived closer to me - I would love to do a photoshoot of you! And seriously, those cookies. They are now on my list of things to make this fall! They look so good! :)


  2. I love fall pictures! I wish I could have waited a few weeks and done our engagement pics in the fall with the leaves- gorgeous!

  3. mmmm those cookies look yummy :)

  4. I think I love everything about this post. :) I especially love your engagement photos. They're so cute!

  5. Ahh this all makes me so happy. Love the sunflower pictures and the leave throwing fight and ROLOS!

  6. Where is the sunflower field??? I want to go!! :)
    Ooooh I can't wait to take my engagement pictures. We are thinking fall engagement pictures or winter ones. I cant decide! :)

  7. I have to try those cookies! Rolos have been a tradition in my family since my mom was a little kid, so these will be a huge hit!!

  8. New follower here... your name is Erin and you love football?! Soul sisters right here!

  9. I am so in love with sunflowers! They were the flower for my wedding. i think they are gorgeous and so unique! I wish I had sunflower fields close by!! lucky!

  10. Love the fall photos! :) So cute!

  11. Thanks, now I am CRAVING cookies!!!! haha

    I am LOVING this weather too!! I am taking Olivia fall clothes shopping tomorrow, because we don't ALREADY have enough clothes! ha!

    I hope you can convince J for pictures!! I just won with Jer, we are booking family pictures for October! Hoping to take some on Campus where we went to college! (Go! Fire Up Chips!) haha

    Have a great weekend!! :)

  12. Love all of the Fall ideas! Especially those toffee and rolo cookies! And I'm super jealous of that sunflower field, sunflowers are my favorite! I do have a local town corn maze that I get to visit every year though.

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  13. your fall photos together are too cute! I loved them! Maybe I can talk my hunny into something sweet like that... Fingers crossed!

  14. I'm with you girl, I LOVE fall! Today is really the first day here that we have even a hint of a chill in the air, and it's making me feel giddy!

  15. New follower and fellow midwestern girl here! :)

    You're blog is just adorable and so are all your pics!

    Enjoy your weekend! :)


  16. So excited for our fall bucket list to begin, dear! :-)

  17. Love love love FALL! I'm so excited for all the fun things this season! :) Sunflower fields have my heart! Great pictures!


  18. erin, you look so gorgeous in the picture at the sunflower farm!

    and i think you should totally get pictures done this fall! my hubs and i get them done every fall for a christmas card picture... thankfully one of my best friends is a photographer and does a great job and its always nice to have pictures done. :)


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