Rockstar Momma'

***Blogger friends!*** I have a rockstar on my blog today.

No I'm not joking.
 Amy has two ADORABLE babies (prepare to have your baby fever sky rocket
after you visit her page)

She loves football (Hello, she's a Packers fan and I still love her-- she MUST be cool ;))

And the woman does giveaways just DAYS after surgery. Seriously- bow down….
Actually- just saying hello and checking out her blog would be great! ;)

Hi, I'm Amy from Mrs. Mommy where I blog about life as a stay at home mom of two (Kyla and Kase) and wife of one (Tyler).  I also mix in some posts about recipes, my obsession with reality TV, couponing and whatever else may be going on in our lives.   I'm so excited Erin is allowing me to take over her blog for the day.

With the first day of Fall being on Saturday, it got me really excited about some of my favorite Fall activities.  I have to be honest, I didn't get into a lot of these fun things before I had kids.  But now I am so excited for everything Fall and to start new family traditions!

Maybe this is why I love Erin's blog so much!?  We love football and Badger Saturdays are a big deal in our home.  And being from Wisconsin, of course I am a Packers fan!  Somehow my husband ended up a Bears fan so Sundays are always a little interesting.  I'm trying to teach my kids what's right though ;)

 My future Badgers...

This year will be both Kyla and Kase's first time at a pumpkin patch.  I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I just bought some at Home Depot last year.  We're going to take them to a pumpkin patch that has lots of fun things to do - hayrides, animals, fort made of hay bales, slides, corn maze and of course lots of pumpkins!  Kyla is going to have a blast!  It will also be our first year carving pumpkins.  I never really did this as a kid so I can't wait!
Kyla last year

I think I'm going to take Kyla out trick-or-treating to a few houses, but since she'll only be 21 months and doesn't really need a giant bag of candy, we'll come home and hand out candy the rest of the time.  I do want her to experience the whole trick-or-treating thing and a little candy never hurt anyone, right?  I'm sure Mom and Dad will help take it off her hands too :)

I think she'll enjoy seeing all the kids come to our house all dressed up too.
I decided Kase is going to be a little giraffe.  I found a 3-6 month outfit on clearance and I thought it was adorable.  I haven't decided what Kyla will be yet.  I saw an adorable bunny costume with long floppy ears that I loved.  Last year she was a pumpkin since I always call her "my little pumpkin".

Is she not the cutest pumpkin you've ever seen?  Ok, maybe I'm a little biased :)
I'll be searching for a cute craft project to do with the kids.  Last year I made this canvas for my mom with her three granddaughter's foot prints.  I may do something similar this year for myself on card stock and frame it.  Then I can do a new one each year. 

I also made this hand print turkey with Kyla last year for Tyler to hang up in his office
 at work.

Crock pot meals!
 Since finding time to cook with two kids under two has been very difficult, I am going to be taking full advantage of the crock pot this Fall.  Yum, don't you just love letting dinner cook all day and having your house smell delicious?  I'm always looking for new recipes so if you have any to share, let me know!

Lots of walks!
 I will be taking the kiddos on as many walks as I can before it gets too cold.  I just gave birth to my son a month ago so I have lots of baby weight to lose!  We like to take two walks a day, one in the morning and one at night with Daddy.  I love the crisp air!  Unfortunately since I just had surgery, we have to take a break from our walks for a few weeks.  Hopefully this nice weather sticks around for awhile yet!

Sweaters, scarves and boots, oh my!
I think this is one of the main reasons I love Fall so much!  I just need to lose some of said baby weight so I can fit into my skinny jeans again :)

Home Decorations!
I haven't had a chance to pull out my Fall stuff yet, but I'm hoping to this week!  I love decorating for the holidays and am usually the person that does it way too early.

What do you all enjoy doing in the Fall?  What fun things am I missing out on?  I'm not a big coffee drinker and not a huge fan of pumpkin flavored things, but I do love me some french vanilla cappuccino from the gas station, haha.  It's the simple things in life that make me happy.  A Sunday morning drinking my cheap cappuccino, reading the paper/cutting coupons, while catching up with my favorite bloggers.  Perfection!

In addition to Mrs. Mommy, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure to check out my Thirty-One giveaway and get your entry in!

Erin, thanks again for having me!


I wasn't lying, right?! Rockstar, supermom, full of sweetness -you name it! Amy is awesome :) I hope you'll stop by her cute blog that just got a makeover recently! 
Happy Tuesday friends!!


  1. I MUST HAVE THAT PUMPKIN BABY. Ugh Erin, you know how my baby fever is...I can't be starting a day like this! Dom's going to have to beat me away with a stick. (HAHA tmi???)

  2. I seriously love her little ones! How precious are they?! Her crafts are too cute, will definitely be visiting her blog today ;)

  3. I think you give me too much credit Erin. We won't talk about my house with toys everywhere, dishes to be done, that it takes me two days to get one load of laundry done and that most days I don't shower until the kids are in bed :)


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