Who DOESN'T love birthdays?!

Some of you may know Kayla, my brother-in-law's awesome girlfriend, who is often referred to as K-Bug on this blog and gets some regular shout-outs. Well her BIG 21st birthday is FINALLY this Thursday and we are kicking things off right! ;)

Friday after work we got together with J's family for dinner, presents and of course funfetti cake!
Birthday girl and our favorite pup, Maggie!

Caleb doing a little video that evening

J is doing what we refer to as "high-shoulders" ....it's his go-to awkward photo pose.

Honestly, how pretty is she?!
And our cute nephew with the mohawk wanted in on the candy

Almost 21 baby!!
 Her actual birthday is this coming THURSDAY and a big group of her family and friends will be going downtown and eating at Joe's Crab Shack-- anyone ever been there?! She loves it, but I've actually never been-- so looking forward to that night for LOTS of reasons :)

Is there anything better than Funfetti?!?! I didn't think so.

I seriously just love this girl and can't wait to celebrate with her all week long :) BTW- no amount of photoshop was going to help my red/greasy face after a disgustingly hot, long day at work. Thank you PicMonkey for providing me with "Dusk" to help things out just a bit.

That's literally the only thing I did this weekend other than work. I was at the office most of Saturday, as well as Sunday night. Add that in with staying up wayyyy too late and watching the Olympics and you gots one TIRED Erin the Blogger.

Hope your Monday is great! Read my post from yesterday if you need a little pick-me-up ;)



  1. AAHH -- I JUST LOVE YOU!! Have I mentioned that lately? ;)

    So glad you are around to celebrate with me all week long, thursday will be a blast!!! You are the sweetest thing!

    Its a great feeling to know I have a friend like you who cares so much and will ALWAYS go above and beyond for me. You're the greatest soulmate evaaaa ;) you're amazing.

  2. Mmmm, I just want to dive into that cake! This pregnancy has me LOVING cake, ha ha.
    I'm so glad you were able to have some fun even though you had to work most of the weekend!

  3. such a cute blog! new follower:)

  4. That cake looks delicious and I'm totally with you on picmonkey's nice little "dusk" etc. features. I think that's a great picture, btw! Looks like a fun weekend : )

  5. Happy Birthday to Kayla!! I'm glad you were able to do at least one fun thing this weekend! And looks like lots more fun to come :)

  6. I've never been to Joe's Crab Shack either! And yes, funfetti is amazing!!

  7. Looks like so much fun! And the cake looks delicious too!!

  8. 21st birthdays are the best! mine was AMAZING, and im canadain lol it was way better then my 19th - the funetti cake looks amazing, so want one!

  9. Haha, your face doesn't look bad AT ALL!!! Pshhh, photoshop, pleaseee. You dont need it.
    Anyway, happy 21st birthday to your brother in laws girlfriend (did I get that right?) It's awesome that you love her. Ahhhh I just want a brother or boyfriend or SOMEONE to get a girlfriend so that by extension I can have a new girlfriend/sister. Pleaseeee someone, it's not as if you're all not old enough! Hahaha.

  10. i just died...i love 'dusk' and use it all the time! you still look beautiful!! :) and i love how close you are with your bro-in-laws gfriend! 21st bdays are so much fun!

  11. gah that ice cream looks good. and dusk?! I use picmonkey, but I don't think I've done the dusk yet ... sounds like I'm missing out. I do however whiten my teeth here and there. shhhhh. :)

  12. Looks like a fun celebration Erin! And picmonkey is such a life saver right?!


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