Weekend Bliss {part II}

I know, I know my life is just SO exciting that I had to break up my weekend into 2 separate posts ;) I turned into a good blogger sometime in the last few days and actually took a lot of pictures--- so we can't let those go to waste, AMIRIGHT?!

After our first day of staycation and baseball, we decided to spend the most of Saturday shopping at the great mall and surrounding stores. And you can't ever shop without satisfying that sweet tooth….

We enjoyed some serious shopping (Thank you J's bank account!), got some great new fall candles from Yankee Candle like this one, sipped some Starbucks frappe's and spent I don't even KNOW how long in Barnes and Nobles. It was the perfect relaxing afternoon. Just enjoying each other's company, people-watching and doing our infamous "bookstore-shuffle" ;)

After we tore up the mall we decided to visit Union Terminal in Cincinnati and see an IMAX movie. While we love Union Terminal and the Omnimax graphics never disappoint, I have to say I was annoyed at how "political" the movie showing was. We saw "To the Arctic" and I honestly felt like it was PSA on global warming. Regardless of your thoughts about the topic and what should be done/not done about it--- we felt lectured, instead of possibly educated and entertained. But enough about that! ;)

Union Terminal always provides for some great photo op's!

My hubby is FLYING ;)

Overall, it was a much needed, relaxing, go-at-our-own-pace kinda' weekend and SO needed. It was nice to get away from "real life" and just be together. Sometimes those types of days are too few and far between.


As if that wasn't fun ENOUGH, Sunday our dear Kayla and Caleb came over so we could FINALLY congratulate them on their engagement in person!!

I got Kayla a cute "Bride" bag from target filled with some fun bridal magazine to flip through. Yes, yes I know we all have Pinterest, but there's something fun about getting your first bridal magazines and flipping through, sticking in post-it notes and letting your mind finally wander where you've wanted it to for so long ;)

Then, when Kayla said she had something for me I really was surprised. I hadn't expected anything like this!!!

I, of course, said YES and am so happy to be a part of their big day!! Kayla has felt like a sister to me for so long and I'm so happy we can officially call each other that now…. or at least sometime next Spring officially! Caleb also asked J to be his best man and I'm not gonna lie… I'm kinda excited to see him in a tux again ;)

I also immediately promised Kayla that I would wash my hair and not wear yoga pants to any wedding events ;) Love this little sweetheart so much!!!

Whew--- My weekend was amazing, and I hope yours was too! Happy Tuesday, friends!



  1. Yay! That's so exciting! I can't wait to see all about their wedding! That Union Terminal is so pretty!

  2. That cookie looks amazing.....mmmmm! :)
    I decided that I can't go to the IMAX anymore. I saw Tornado Alley there last year and it made me so dizzy I wanted to puke. Huge headache from that crazy screen. Motion sickness success.

  3. Such a cute bridesmaid gift! I love it! And that cookie needs to be mine right now!

  4. AWW Congrats to your friend! and your husband is hilarious

  5. Yay for being a bridesmaid! I can't wait until the day I get to be one. Someday, someday. What a cute gift idea.

  6. Sounds like the PERFECT weekend! I need one like that! HAHAHAHAHA :) Her way of asking you to be in the wedding is SO CUTE! Love it!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Oh my goodness, that cookie looks AMAZING! Seriously. I'm drooling right now.

    Your gift to her was so sweet! I was so excited when I finally got my first bridal magazine, which was actually only a month or two ago - it took me forever to finally get one!

    And that's so exciting that you're a bridesmaid! Her way of asking was so cute, and that's such a nice surprise! :)



  8. A Bride Bag is the cutest idea ever!!! You guys are so sweet.

    I can't wait for fall...especially to burn yummy candles!! That Apple Pumpkin one looks amazing.

  9. How fun! First that cookie looks amazeballs! Second, we love seeing movies at Union Terminal...so cool! Sorry to hear the movie was a tad disappointing1

  10. looks like such a great weekend! i love how excited you are to be a bridesmaid :)

    my hub's best friend is marrying his cousin next summer and i am going to be a bridesmaid... i think my hubs is going to be the best man and i am so excited for us to be in a wedding together!

  11. awww YAY for being a bridesmaid!!!

    and lady - you guys look like you had such a fun weekend! those cookies from Auntie EM's in the mall are my favorite!! I need to get one pronto! haha

  12. What awesome photos! Looks like you had fun :)

  13. that cookie looks amazing. want one now. at 9am!

  14. You've gotta stop featuring me in your blog missy, it makes me too excited!! :) I am SO happy you are so excited about being a part of my big day!! Means the world to me miss! I LOVE my bag and am so pumped to use it!!! as you already know, those magazines are TORN UP! ;) love you


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