To Friday & Friends


Dear Friday, You actually got here realllllly fast this week, which I can appreciate.

Dear Saturday & Sunday, we'll be spending time together at the office, I'm sorry.

Dear Football, You are running my life and I don't care. Bring on the games!!
Dear Kayla, Your 21st bday is NEXT WEEK! Cannot wait to celebrate 9 different times with you :)

Dear Stress, Please leave me alone-- especially when I'm trying to get some much
 needed sleep at night!

Dear Hubby, Thanks for putting up with my crazy hours and OCD self lately. I promise to be more fun ASAP when things settle down ;)
Hottieeeee ;)

Dear Readers, As ALWAYS you rock! And welcome to all my new readers!!

And finally, Dear Katie, Thank you SO much for letting me steal some of your blog today.
O-H-I-O represent!! :)

TGIF blogland!!! What are you doing this weekend???



  1. Happy Friday!

    You've been working so much lately! Have you had a weekend off anytime these past few weeks? Sounds like you need a break.


  2. I am TOTALLY ready for some football!

  3. Just found your blog from Friday's letters and I love that I have stumbled upon another football loving Ohio Girl! Can't wait to follow your blog :)

  4. Your letters make me SO excited for fall! I just went to the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp this past week and I met some of the players. My family are huge Steeler Fans!! Ahh. Now I'm bit with the fall bug! :)

    Happy Friday!

  5. So glad it's Friday, too! Found your blog from the link-up! I'm your newest follower! Love your wedding dress! Would love to have you stop by sometime!

  6. Happy Friday friend!! :) I'm SO glad it's the weekend! I wish you didn't have to be in the office this weekend, but at least it's doing something you love!!

  7. Oh lord I am with you on being glad it's FRIDAY! We wore the same wedding dress, you look beautiful!

  8. Shut UP right now, I love that picture of us :) Can't wait to celebrate "9 different times" with you either missy ;) you're the sweetest!!!

  9. Yay for Fridays and friends! Going to check out your post on Katie's blog now. Hooray for Ohio bloggers. Oh and I love your new button...changing it on my blog now. :)

  10. Happy friday Erin! Just found you through the link up!


  11. Booooo stress, but HOORAY for football season quickly approaching!! We are mere WEEKS away!!

  12. im sorry you have to work this weekend love!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello!

  13. New Follower! Happy Pre-season week! (Although my team doesn't play until next Sunday.) How can I not follow a girl who 1) Live so darn close to me and 2) loves football? Exactly! ;)

    Have a great weekend!!


  14. I love fall and football season! Can't wait!

  15. So ready for some football!!! And sexy pic of the hubs ;) (i'm allowed to say that, right?!) Don't work yourself too hard this weekend!

  16. I am very ready for football( I even borrowed your football image) We eat, sleep, and breathe football here. Saturday is our last day of summer together. My fiance starts preseason camp on Sunday and I go back to work next week. We are going to be lazy and watch the Olympics, then go out on a hot date!


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