Last call, ya'll!

*Note to readers, I don't use the term "ya'll" but so many of you southerners do that I think I may have picked it up....

Just wanted to say Happy -freaking- Thursday, or Friday Eve, shall we call it?! This week is definitely moving slower than a slug, and I have no idea why. Perhaps because we're all anticipating the Labor Day weekend ahead?!

I know I'm looking forward to the Bengals v. Colts preseason game tonight, and watching it from my couch. Well, some of it anyway. Let's be honest... by the 4th preseason game we are ALL just ready for the real games to begin!
I wanted to give one last shout-out about our Blogger Fantasy Football group we formed on ESPN's website. It's called the Gridiron Challenge and YOU need to join in :) You've got until next Wednesday, September 5th before the first game that night!

Check out my original post HERE for the details and password for our group. Let me answer a couple FAQs I've gotten regarding the group:

Are we having a draft? Nope! ESPN gives you $50 million to buy your players, and it's okay that multiple people might have the same players on their team at any given time.

Do I have the same team the entire year? Nope, again! You can swap out your players after each week of games. You'd want to do this depending on who their upcoming opponents are, injuries, bye week, etc! So check in on your team weekly :)

Are there prizes or what, Erin!? YES! There will be a small prize for the winner of week 1 to kick things off; a slightly larger prize after week 8 (halfway point) for the current leader, and the biggest prize at the end of the season for the overall winner. Think..... giftcards ;)

So seriously ladies, go sign up HERE and join the other 18 bloggers who already have!

Please spread the word: Tweet, Pin, Blog--- whatever you choose ;) If you have questions leave them here or email me!



  1. Yay! Can't wait for the season to begin!

  2. wow I cannot believe I forgot about labor day weekend!!! What have I been doing lol

  3. SO excited :) Can't wait :) :) I think we should do some kind blog love for each other to get our name out ;) Don't know what but we got some time to think of it!

  4. This sounds fun! I wish I was more into football, so I could play, but no matter how hard I try, I just cannot get into it!



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