It's official, I am an addict.

Hello, I'm Erin and I'm addicted to photobooth.

It's true! I've been cleaning up my computer and organizing photo folders and could not BELIEVE how many pictures I'd taken via the photobooth.

Like the first one ever taken, on my 22nd birthday 3+ years ago. (Scary)

 Or a first photobooth pic with my new bling!

 And it's basically a right of passage if you come to my house, 
you take photobooth pics with me.

 Pretty pumped about being engaged ;)

 What we like to call the blind-man stare.

 Acting 4.

But turning 24!

 Love all these people so much!!!

 Being newlyweds :)

Merry Christmas, 2011

And a happy new year!

 Our Crest White Strips look :D

I tried not to overload you all TOO MUCH, but it's seriously like looking at a yearbook flipping through the photobooth. Years worth of parties, holidays, celebrations and just random nights on there. I'm thinking of making a small Shutterfly book of all photobooth pics :)

Maybe soon I'll share some of the ridiculous videos that are also stored on there? ;)


  1. this makes me happy :) that night with Matt and Cassie was so fun, they need to bring Landon over so I can meet him!!

    PS- don't you even dare post those videos that I know you're talking about.. or do, I will just be beating red as I watch them. loove youuuu. ;)

  2. I've never taken photobooth pictures. It looks fun. Ha!


  3. HAHAHAHA! Love it! :) I definitely think you should do a photobook! That would be SO CUTE!

  4. Oh photobooth...I used it way more in college than I do now. I need to bust it back out! So fun!


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