It was a SURPRISE!

Thursday was Kayla's 21st birthday and bless her heart, she thought she had planned out the whole evening. Little did she know what a few of her friends had concocted ;)

Kayla thought she had planned a night out at Joe's Crab Shack for her, lots of her family, her boyfriend and a few close friends. However, another friend decided we'd be throwing Kayla a surprise party at their condo's clubhouse instead.

We did the set-up Wednesday night and a had a blast making the ancient ghetto unique room into a more fun atmosphere.

Thursday, Kayla was told that they had an "extra surprise" to start the night off. They blindfolded her (muahaha!) drove her around for awhile to confuse her, 
then led her in and...…

She was TOTALLY surprised! It was way too much fun seeing her reaction!

Add in some presents, a homemade photo booth and a Katy Perry playlist and the girl had a pretty darn good night ;)

I'm surprised I didn't spill the beans about 8 different times to Kayla! It's harder than it seems ;) 
Have you ever pulled off a surprise party?! 



  1. How fun! I'm glad everything went well. Some of my friends and I threw a surprise party for one of our friends in college and I will never do it again! At least not the way we did it. We had it at her apartment and had to cancel dinner plans with her that night by coming up with terrible excuses. She was SO mad at us and thought we'd abandoned her on her birthday. So she went out with just her boyfriend. We needed her out of the house to decorate and we couldn't go out to eat and do the party because we spent so much on the party. I'm glad your experience sounds better than mine was.

  2. That is awesome! I really want a surprise party and to throw one for someone!

  3. Oh my gosh! This is so fun!!! I love that y'all really surprised her!!

  4. AWW! That looks like so much fun!

  5. I did for my sisters 19th and it was fun!!!

  6. This looks so much fun! I should forward my hubs this link. My 30th is in November and he better do something like this!

  7. Erin this is SO Much fun!! I love how surprised she was. And the Katy Perry play list and your ruffly photobooth backdrop! Amazing!

  8. This looks like you all had SO much fun! :) You can definitely tell she was surprised! The photobooth backdrop looks so fun - can you believe I've never done that? You guys are so sweet to do that for her!


  9. Oh my WORDDD. Erin this makes me so happpyy :-) you are so special to me. Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to help!!! & ladies let me tell you I WAS so surprised... I thought I had planned everything, little did I know my friends were so sneaky.

    Thank you a million times over again for taking so many fun pictures and being there to celebrate with me. I just love you!!!

  10. Love the photobooth idea!! :) Looks like so much fun!


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