Going for the Goals

Last December I came up with a 12 in '12 goals lists of things to accomplish this year. I did a couple
check-ins early and have been slacking on updating you all....

Probably because I have been slacking on ACHIEVING them, lol!
But that's besides the point. Let's see where we're at, shall we?!

1. Write 200 blog posts
I hit 94 at the end of July so not too shabby for my first "real" year of blogging. I should be able to come pretty close to this goal by the end of the year; I've been blogging more regularly!

2 - 4. All fitness related goals
I will be honest, although I've lost some weight, I'm still not at that number I wanted to be at when I wrote these goals. However, I've really gotten a lot better about making healthy food choices, laying off the caffeine a LOT and I'm finally incorporating more exercise into my life. I still have a loooong way to go to keep at the work outs, but overall I am feeling better and healthier!

5. Read 50 new books
Who let me pick the number 50?!?! ;) Let's just say I was crazy for thinking I had enough time to read that many books.... I have too many blogs to read in my spare time!! Anyway- I think I've read about 12 new books this year... currently waiting to get Mockingjay from a friend to read that!!

6. Build up Savings
We're getting there! yay! 
7. Organize our house!
Slowly but surely our house is getting up to my standards of organization. We've made a lot of trips to Ikea, Target and The Container Store lately. I'll be sharing a few organization projects on the blog soon! ;)
I WISH this was my house!!

8. Visit new cities
We vacationed in HHI this year, where J had never been but I had. And we also visited Gatlinburg. Although I'd been to these places, we'd never been together-- so I'm totally counting them. We're hoping to plan a fun weekend getaway during Labor Day or this fall to a new city. Suggestions?
9. Be a better friend
Something I'm always trying to do.
Pick up the phone/write an email today to a friend you haven't chatted with in awhile.
Never know when someone might need that the most!  

My beautiful friends at my bridal shower; You are all getting calls/emails soon!
10. Trust God's timing
Another something that will always be a work in progress.
Just typing this blog post has been a reminder :)

11. Show kindness every day
Another good reminder! For all of us!

12. Take a class/workshop for my career
Faillllllllllll.... I have not done anything yet. Hmm. 

What about you?! Have you accomplished what you thought you would have by this point in the year?
Can you BELIEVE there are just 5 small months left in 2012???
It's not too late to reach your goals!!



  1. I love these goals! I'm excited to see your organization posts, I'm always trying to get more organized and I love the inspiration! My goals for this year are mainly successfully move in with Dom and not start to hate each other. ;) Hoping that will be an easy one hahah. I'll update in September! ;)

  2. I can't believe how fast time flies by...5 months left in 2012?! That is ridiculous. Good job with your goals...I haven't done as well with my fitness goal, but like you said there is still time left!

  3. great goals! I DREAM of having an organized closet like that haha. And my family vacations every summer in Hilton Head, nothing makes me much happier than that wide beautiful beach

  4. These are some great goals. #10-is SO hard! We like being in control too much. I've followed some of my goals-like cooking a better variety of meals, planning our meals out, and reading more nonfiction books. While others like eating healthier and working out more are things I do good for a while and then not so good.

  5. Where do you live? I LOVE HHI and Gatlinburg. They're both fairly close to me. Are you near Charleston?! That's a great weekend getaway...or Savannah..or Charlotte. I love mini-vacays!

    Love the 12 in 12 goals idea. I'll have to do it next year! Good job on meeting a lot of your goals!

  6. 50 books?! Woman... that's overachieving for anyone so don't feel bad :) AND? You ARE a good friend!

  7. Some great goals!! :) And you're doing pretty well at them!!!

  8. Great goals! :) You should try Hocking Hills for sure since it's not too far! Also Chicago! We're going and I can't wait!


  9. LOVE all of your goals, and especially trusting in God's timing :) so awesome! can you believe its already August?!

  10. It's so great that you revisited your goals! Usually, after january, you don't hear much about your resolutions! I think everybody forgets about them, or gets bored with them!


  11. I can NOT believe it is AUGUST!!!!!! You have great goals for the year!! Our goal was to get our home more organized, especially our basement, and do projects around the house! We plan on putting our home for sale in the next year, so we figured if we do a little bit at a time it won't be stressful when the time comes to put our house on the market!

  12. Of course I want to be selfish and tell you to come to Tampa for Labor Day. But that's too far for just a weekend. I set a crazy number of books goal too. I've been totally slacking when it comes to reading anything other than blogs.

  13. Love the idea of setting goals like this for yourself -- yours are great ones! I always set unrealistic reading goals come summer, because I'm always so happy to have time to read for enjoyment and not for classes. But I never end up reading all the things I want to -- I do blame all the great blogs I follow, in part!



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