Gameday Girl

Today kicks off football season for me & my crew!
Just to clarify, the above picture does not include me or my IMMEDIATE "crew" but we ARE all cheering on the same team. I'll just be doing it from here:

The ole' box office. At least until the 3rd quarter-- then I can watch from here :)

Ps- this is a training camp practice; I promise there will be filled seats tonight ;)
So yes, even though I'm working all the home games, it's still an awesome environment to be in. Tens of thousands of people cheering on the same team, the team you love. The crazy getups, the elaborate tailgates and hopefully lots of points on your team's scoreboard!

Preseason is always fun to me to see the young guys, and just to get football GOING.
However, I am mooooost excited that the Cincinnati Bengals kick off their regular season in Baltimore, with a Monday night game against the Ravens. That game will mean SO MUCH. It's one month from today and I seriously can't stand my own excitement.


I've actually already started planning our party for that evening. Who else LOVES the excuse to make about 7 different dip recipes and all those gameday snack foods?! What is your favorite?

A few of my fave go-to football treats are:

Buffalo Chicken Dip --everyone makes theirs different, but if you're looking for a recipe, let me know!

Cheddar Bacon Dip, better known as "Crack Dip" --recipe here

Crack Dip - you seriously will NOT be able to stop eating it!

Peanut Butter Football Dip --recipe here
Adorable and just the right amount of sweet/salty combo!

What team(s) will you be cheering on this fall?! What are your favorite football snacks?
Stay tuned for an ALL BLOGGERS fantasy football contest!!!! :)



  1. I'm going to have to try the "Crack Dip" recipe. I always start with buffalo chicken dip and finish with chocolate chip cheese(cake) dip as a dessert dip for tailgates... I've been meaning to separate my recipes on Pinterest into ones that are tailgate worthy.

  2. Sounds like you have such a fun job when football is actually in season! :)Your co-workers look like they are having a blast! Ha!

    Believe it or not, I don't think I've ever had buffalo chicken dip. I might have to give it a try!


  3. I know you'll be so busy over the next few months, but I know you'll be having so much fun! I can't wait for football season to really get going! Have fun tonight!

  4. Bengals baby!!! We are so excited to watch the game tonight! I'll be thinking abt you. Hopefully Cincy kicks major booty this year!!! Whodey!!!!

  5. I got excited last night when the ESPN sound dinged on my phone! I forgot the packers were playing already :)

  6. They all look so delicious! And I got reallyyyy scared with the first picture. I couldn't find you and I didn't want to ask and I got very flustered until I scrolled down. SO happy you are not a furry painted man in real life. So ready for football season!!!

  7. Well Erin, love ya and all but..SORRY YOU GUYS ARE GOIN DOWNNN TONIGHT!! NY JETS BABY!!!

  8. i am so jealous of your job!! i would love your buffalo dip recipe!

  9. Seriously I can't even EXPLAIN how much I love this post! The Gmen start tonight too anddd there is nothing more I love than dip!

  10. The crack dip really is addicting everybody ;)

    and ps-- we are making tastefully simple's "key lime cheesecake ball" with graham cracker crust for that first game.... k thanks.

  11. We're coming to the pre-season game tonight! I'm so excited for football season to begin that I can't stand it!!

  12. What a stellar way to kick off football season!! We love to nosh on what we call "Delhomme Dip" after the former Panthers' quarterback Jake Delhomme. It's a layer of cream cheese, a layer of chilli, sprinkled with shredded cheese all baked in a 13x9 dish at 350 until the cheese melts. Enjoy with Frito's or Tostito's!


  14. OMG Both of those dips look AHHHMAYZING!! Dangerously good, I think I would eat all of it. Both of them. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. yummm i love tailgating food!! whenever we have friends over to watch games, i like to do a nacho/taco bar with chili and guac and all the fixings. its easy and everyone LOVES it.

  16. Dips are dangerous. I can never stop dipping into them! I'm excited for football season too! And a blogger fantasy football contest. What a great idea!

  17. I'll be posting some of my fave game day recipes soon! Yeah football!!!!

  18. My team starts Sunday!! Wooo woo!!

    We have tickets for the Bengals/Broncos game but I'll be about 6 months pregnant by then and without knowing how cold it's going to be or whatever I opted out (Sorry, Peyton!) so my husband is taking one of our guy friends. Too bad-we could have totally met up!!

    Hope your team has a great season!

  19. Who Dey!!! I definitely am a Bengals fan also!!!


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