Dogs and Pants-Shopping

Hey friends! It's a good thing I'm just blogging and not vlogging today because I truly sound like a man with bronchitis. I have been battling a nasty cold for a few days. Yes, a cold. In AUGUST. Ridiculous.

You know how when you're sick you just want to sleep and sleep and sleep?! Well I definitely want to, but haven't been able to because my husband has been out of town. (On a flight home right this second, HOORAY!) I thought I'd share a few things I learned while he's been out of town:

1. I don't know how wives do this. The wives that have husbands who travel regularly for business. Let alone wives who have husbands in the military are are deployed. Much respect, ladies!

2. We need a dog. Self-explanatory.
Dog I want....
Dog I'd feel safe with
3. Do not watch the Lifetime Movie Network while home alone if you plan on attempting sleep.
Worst decision I've made in awhile.

4. Shopping for pants sucks.... Ok, that's totally unrelated to the fact that my husband was gone, other than the fact that I did this last night. I  probably tried on 30 pairs of dress pants, no joke, and left the mall empty-handed. There are WAY too many options, lengths, sizes and it was totally overwhelming.
Where is Stacy London when you need her????

I hope you enjoyed my lesson today. PS- Have you joined our blogger fantasy football group?! Get the details here!



  1. I don't know how military wives do it either. I would hate it.

    And I wish I remembered where I read a post about jeans yesterday. Seriously, it was so informative and really opened my eyes to what types/brands look bad.

    And that dog is so cute. I've turned into a cat person (used to hate them) but if I ever get a dog, I think I'd want a German Shepard.


  2. I hate shopping for pants too! Jeans are the worst. And yes I need a dog!

  3. Oh that dog is a must how stinken cute!! Pants shopping is never, ever fun.

  4. Oh my. YES you definitely need a dog! Both of these would be adorable.

  5. Dogs are the absolute best!! Good luck in trying to make that happen:-)

  6. aww is that first dog a westie? thats what my first pet was... but we had to get rid of him after 6 months because he was kind of a terrorist. haha. i was only 6... and my mom is just not a dog person. turns out, im not so much either! but they are cuties :)

    and i agree about pants shopping... ughhh. where were you looking? i've decided i need to put some good money into jeans but i honestly don't know where to go!

  7. I agree that dogs make life better. I couldn't imagine coming home to an empty house. And shopping for pants BLOWS! I always hated it, until I had to buy maternity pants, it was a whole new level of pant shopping torture.

  8. So right about the lifetime movies, and don't watch Criminal Minds either! If I watch that in an empty house I won't sleep for DAYS.

  9. bahahaha i thought i was a freak by not watching lifetime movies when youre alone...good to know they freak other people out! haha! and YES you need a dog!! Make sure you rescue, there are so many unwanted dogs that needs home & they are the best dogs! xo Kelly

  10. My husband left me for about 4 nights in January and it was AWFUL. I couldn't stand it. I know what you mean!

    I'm cracking up about pants shopping, because I tried to do just that on my lunch break today and left wanting to punch everyone and everything. So overwhelming!

  11. You definitely need that dog. :)


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