Dear Glorious Friday


Dear Friday, You are FANTASTIC and I appreciate how quickly you got here this week. Let's make that a regular thing.

Dear Ringbearer and flowergirl, I cannot WAIT to see you tonight. I can't believe how old you two are getting!
Dear Hair, I know I've been neglecting you for MONTHS. There is officially a hair appointment on the calendar for next week. Thank goodness.

Dear Bengals, I know preseason doesn't "count" but you guys are looking good so far. Keep it up!

Dear Saturday, I am SO EXCITED BECAUSE WE HAVE ZERO PLANS AND ZERO OBLIGATIONS!!! That never happens so clearly, I am looking forward to a day with my husband.

Dear Hubby, You work SO hard and I'm always SO proud of you. I hope you know that ;)

Dear Bloggers, Have you signed up for our fantasy football group?! No draft parties, no trading, etc etc... just as simple as picking players and spending $50 million. Get all the details of how to sign up here!


  1. This looks fun! I think I might write letters next week!

    And isn't it nice when your schedule is free? I love spending all day with Brian :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. OH man... I haven't had my hair done since MARCH. Can you believe it?? Way too long... I better schedule a hair appointment too! New visitor from Friday's letters.

  3. congrats on the win last night! even though we are technically falcons fans, my husband and i were excited to see AJ GREEN make some great catches!! (go dawgs!)

  4. love the list and gorgeous photo!!!

    I'm a new follower - loving your blog!
    love jenny xoxo

  5. You look so gorgeous in that pic :) And I will be signing up for Fantasy Football this weekend!!

  6. New follower, I am a football fan myself but a patriots fan. I do love AJ Green though he rocked it! I agree your team looks awesome even if it is preseason.

  7. Those are the BEST kinds of Saturdays! Seriously just doing whatever you want!! Have an awesome weekend!

  8. Loved watching the game w you & Jared last niiiight. Can't wait for the 10th ;) have fun w Luke & Suzanne!!!


  9. The BEST weekends involve NO set plans!! Enjoy not working lady!!! Happy Weekend!! :)

  10. Love that you have a blogger fantasy football league! Great letters :)

  11. I love your blog! I am a newlywed as well and I look forward to reading more about you and your hubby! Have a wonderful day. xoxo.

  12. I love weekends when there is NO PLANS! :) Lazy Saturdays are the best! I just got my hair done a few weeks ago... I was going to do something dramatic and different but of course I chickened out!



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