Weekend Recap

We kicked off Friday evening with a fun game night with friends.

Btw- I've never watched the office.
World's cutest dog-- Maggie :) 

We played Taboo too, but things were getting competitive around here so I forgot to
 take any more pictures ;)

Saturday I worked most of the day, giving tours of the stadium.
Wow, was it HOT and HUMID that day. I had to go immediately home and take another shower before heading back out for date night with J.

We went to a restaurant we don't normally eat at, and let me just say-- These pretzel bites were DIVINE. I could have eaten 2 baskets of them... yummmmy!

And the mister agrees...

Sunday we went to church, and stayed afterwards to a "new attendee" luncheon. It was pretty fun and we got to meet the pastor and other new families attending the church. It was nice to finally meet a couple of people and we're excited about hopefully getting involved there soon. I've helped with the little kiddos at my past churches and I miss that!!

I also got to enjoy an AMAZING Sunday matinee with Miss Kayla!
It was SO GOOD. Even if you're not a big Katy Perry fan (unacceptable!) the movie was awesome. We laughed, we cried, we rocked out-- I'm telling you, go see it. You will crack up over how funny she is behind the scenes, it will break your heart to see her marriage fall apart while she's on tour, but I think you'll also gain a lot of respect for her AND her family.

An overall good weekend- and I'm looking forward to a lot this week!
Tonight J and I have free tickets to see the Reds take on the Diamondbacks, and Wednesday we're going to another Reds game with my company in their suite-- always fun ;)

Not to mention a cousin's baby shower & some seriously fun girl-time coming up this weekend!
Happy Monday!



  1. What restaurant were those pretzel bites from? they look soooo good!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Those pretzel bites look so good!

  3. Love the game night! How fun. Where are those pretzel bites from? They look so good!

  4. oh goodness I am now craving those pretzel bites!!! yum!!!

  5. Oh dang, Butterbees ROCKS those pretzel bites! ;) nice choice. AH you need you e-mail me those pictures of us from KP on Sunday. Loved that movie, that day, and YOU!


  6. Super jealous of your Reds watching. At least it'll be on tv here. I'll look for you!

  7. I'm so glad you said this was good because i realllllly want to see it!! and i had no idea they had "office clue" -that is amazing!

  8. I have so many things to say about this post!!! 1. You need to watch the Office ASAP. 2. I want to know more about your job!!! 3. I've heard the Katy Perry movie was amazing too and I need to see it! Hope you have a blast tonight...and Wednesday night. We are going on Friday!

  9. Oh my gosh best weekend ever! Okay you NEED to watch the office, then you can appreciate the amazing-ness that is that game! I didn't know it existed until right now and now I need to have it! I'm with you on the pretzel bites. They are my favorite food EVER. My mom actually took me to get them the morning before I went to my doctor knowing he would tell me I had to stop eating gluten. I just had to experience them one more time! I'm so glad the Katy Perry movie is so good, I'm planning to see it soon!

  10. What a fun weekend!! Where are those pretzel bites from? I NEEEED them!! And my hubs is super jealous of your stadium tours...I showed him your instagram pic and he said, 'why aren't we there right now?!?'


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