Some baseball fun

Monday we got to go to a Reds game with free tickets (thank you, work!)

Yes, I have SOME hair; it's a sweaty mess already!

It was fun.... but it was SO HUMID out. We honestly were having trouble breathing it was
sooo nasty out. We still made it fun, but headed out a little early before we inhaled anyone else's
armpit, beer breath or hair grease.

We decided to stop in and try Orange Leaf for the first time. I'd NEVER had the self-serve
type of frozen yogurt before so I was pumped!

The verdict? Definitely DELICIOUS, I had birthday cake flavor and about a billion toppings. J had birthday cake & red velvet combo and loved his too.

BUT--- Goooooodness gracious that crap is expensive! How do people have this multiple times a week?!
 I'd go broke!!!! Seriously- it was yummy, but not worth that cost. It will definitely be a special treat
 every once in awhile for me, not a habit!

We caught a pretty sunset wheezing, puffing, panting walking back to our car and grabbed a couple more sweaty pictures together. You can't ever have too many of those, right?! ;)

We're headed to the ballpark again tonight; this time with our company's suite tickets. Praise the Lord for catered food and air conditioning!!!!



  1. I love all your pix! Thankfully Latos is pitching tonight. We're going to the Rays game tonight in a suite too. Have fun!

  2. The second picture of you and your hubby might be the greatest picture ever! Hahaha The sunset is a close second tho! And self serve ice cream? I have never heard of such amazingness. Bummer it's so expensive, but if it were cheap I'd get fat real quick, so maybe it's for the best!

  3. Thank goodness for a suite! That should be much more enjoyable!! I love orange leaf! It's the only frozen yogurt place that I actually like. The rest are too bitter for my ice-cream-preference-taste!

  4. Looks like fun... even in the heat! :)

  5. What a fun night! Minus the heat of course! At least you had some amazing frozen yogurt to help you cool off!

  6. Isn't self-serve froyo the best?! We just had our first one open back in March. I love that you can get a little of this and a little of that. I don't think ours is that expensive. But it sure is delicious!!

  7. Sounds like y'all had fun at the Reds game despite the crazy humidity. I agree that self-serve frozen yogurt places are really expensive! It's yummy, but I definitely couldn't go every week like some people do.

  8. Looks like so much fun for a Monday night! I love fro-yo. Those places are all the rage right now. There are at least 7 within about 5 miles from my house! My favorite one lets you guess the weight, and if you get it within 1 oz, you get half off! Definitely helps with the price!

  9. Looks like fun, but I'm glad you get the air conditioned version tonight. Hope it clears up for you all!

  10. you two are so cute! love these pictures!


  11. You guys look like you had such a fun time!!!! :) Love the pics!

  12. You and your hubby are too cute! Frozen Yogurt is my newest's so good! The cake batter/red velvet cake/cupcake flavors are my favorite : )

    Love your blog! Newest follower!


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