I survived

As I told you all on Friday, I had to work this weekend.

A lot.

In really hot, non-airconditioned areas.

But guess who is still standing today?! ME! Barely standing, and actually my shins are sore because I had to sprint around a football stadium numerous times yesterday afternoon, but I survived.

I will say, once you work Saturday and Sunday, Monday doesn't feel quite so "Monday" anymore. Maybe I should work every weekend? (Yeah, right.) I almost left the house this morning in pajama pants. Like, was already in my car about to back out of the driveway when I realized it!!! In my defense, they WERE black ;)

ANYWAY- My husband was such a great sport this weekend. He worked his little booty off while I was at the office. Our house is spotless, the yard is taken care of, most of the laundry is done, he cooked dinner Friday and Sunday night, pre-made both of our lunches for the whole week (I about fell over), and even had a few sweet surprises for me when I got home each night:

Is there anything better than Graeter's ice cream?!
Mint chocolate chip is my personal fave ;)

When I got home last night dinner was ready, my favorite candle burning, flowers and Reese minis!!
I.am.spoiled. End of story!

So I really just had to brag about my husband today, that's all. I hate weekends where I have to work the entire time, especially when it's this hot out and J truly made it so much easier to get through.

PS- Last night I got home just in time to watch this gorgeous sunset from our front porch. Ohio- you are really pretty sometimes :)

I know I missed a TON over the weekend- so I'll be catching up on all your blogs today :)



  1. Awh! Don't you love it when your hubby suprises you like that! So sweet :)

    And that is a beautiful sunset!


  2. Aww your husband is too sweet! And how bout you ship me some Graeter's! I'll have mocha chip please :) ANNNd I'm trying to talk the hubs into visting Cincy for Tall Stacks this years. We'll see!

  3. So glad you made it through!! :) Such a good hubby to spoil you!!

  4. What a hubs! He's a keeper! I mean anyone that brings Graeters is a keeper but he outdid himself!

  5. This husband of yours sounds like a great guy! I also LOVE Graeters-- always a good summertime (or anytime) treat :)

  6. Good job to your husband! It's those little thoughtful things that make even working on the weekends a bit more bearable. And Graeters just can't be beat...Ohio wins for ice cream! :)

  7. Oh my gosh... your husband is the SWEETEST!! What a keeper :)
    And I'm so glad you survived the heat. I don't know how you did it!

  8. That is SO sweet!! Makes it so much easier when you have to work during the weekend. I've had to do that too and it's no fun!

  9. What a good husband-- they always make things so much better! :)


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