Dreamin' and Pinnin'

Wednesday- I'm glad we're at this point, but I'd REALLY like for it to be Friday

This week things are CRAZY at work; my boss is on vacation and I feel like I'm being pulled in about 12 directions at all times. Pray I survive, please & thanks.

Speaking of vacations, I thought I'd link up with The Vintage Apple today for "Oh, how Pinteresting!" for the first time! I wish I could travel all the time (who doesn't?!) and because this job has been stressing me out, I've been pinning a ton of dream travels and thinking about the next time I can get away.

I'm pretty sure I'd like to see every beach in the world…. Anyone else?
Maldives -- introduced to my list via Kayla! 
Ohhh, Fiji!

 I've also been OBSESSED with visiting Ireland for years… One day, huh?!

Another goal of mine is to see all 50 states. There is SO MUCH to see in the U.S. that I haven't gotten around to yet!

I haven't been to NYC or Chicago-- I know, I'm missing out!!

And I'd love to see a National Park, specifically Yosemite!

Have you all been to any of these spots? Visited all 50 states?
What is the ULTIMATE dream travel destination in your mind??

Now that I will have ZERO focus at work today, have a great day ;)



  1. My hubby and I wan to see all 50 states too! I haven't been to NY either, but I have been to Chicago!

  2. I have been to 49 of the states. Hawaii is the only one left to go. It was so much easier as a kid when your parents paid for all the travel, right? I wish I was any one of those beaches today! Visiting from Vintage Apple.

  3. Haha, what a list! :) You better just go ahead and quit your jobs so you can just skip ahead to the good stuff. :))

  4. Isn't it crazy how much we have in the U.S that we don't realize. I want to see all 50 states. Also I'd love to visit venice Italy. -sigh

  5. OMG! All of these things are on my list. :) Especially that Maldives place!!

  6. Maldives is top on my list! So many of my dream vacation pins are from their! As you know I've been to Fiji which is heaven on earth, but after that picture I REALLY need to get to Bermuda! My dream spot is Bora Bora, I'd love to honeymoon in one of those huts on the water (and then come home and live in a hut because we spent all our money on the honeymoon...but thats ok) I've only every been to the Chicago airport, but I definitely want to see the city too!

  7. All of these places look amazing! I do not appreciate you giving my the vacay bug while I'm trapped here at work.

  8. My grandparents on my fathers side went to all fifty states, every national park and every State Park in their home state (six times) after they retired. They even have plaques for some of those things...it is amazing! They were really into bird watching too so they spotted every state bird on their trips and my grandmother embroidered several quilts depicting their trips. They were amazing. :)

    ***Stopping by from the hop, have a great day!

  9. I'm dying to go to Bora Bora, NYC and Australia and the Dominican Republic which is our 1 year anniversary trip!!! Traveling is the best!


  10. Hey girl, I just found your blog from the link up and its awesome!!! It is soooo cute! I adore your love story! It reminds me so much of my relationship with my husband!!! AMAZING!!!
    And, I NEED to go to Ireland. I visited Scotland this past year, it was incredible!
    By the way - go to Chicago, its a MUST!

  11. oh yes you are welcome for introducing you to the Maldives, and YES we will make it there one day ;) how many more states do you have to go? see you soon, dear!

  12. Beautiful pins. I would love to see every beach also. Gorgeous!

  13. Ireland is definitely on my list as well as Germany!! I want to see some castles! And Chicago and NYC are a must! Fun post. :)

  14. Maldives, oh my goodness, is that place even real? It looks amazing.
    I've only been to NYC, Chicago and Yosemite on your list... but they are definite musts! Hopefully you get to see all these places! On my list is Hawaii and Korea!

  15. I love all beachy locations! I've always wanted to go to Ireland & Australia! AND, I can't believe you haven't been to Chi-town yet! It's so close to us!! I've never been to NYC but would LOVE to go!!

  16. I have been dreaming of visiting Ireland for years too.


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