Don't even care

My blog has sucked this week.


And I don't even care.... too much ;) So I hope you gals don't either.

My boss has been on vacation this week and I hate him for it. Well, not really-- he's actually the coolest boss ever, no joke. I'm just totally jealous that he's off vacationing with his cute family in the exact location I just went in May. I want to LIVE on the beach. Sadly, that's not possible and I've been left to hold down the fort here. Let me tell you--- I'm not manager material (yet) that's for sure. My head has been SPINNING with all the people pulling me in different directions. Not sure how he does it every day.

Anyway- that's my excuse for having a stinky blog this week. Forgive me? Thanks! ;)

All I'm sharing today are some throwbacks. It's fun to look back at my picture album labeled July-August 2010 and see how much has changed in just a couple of years!

We were attending lots of baseball games-- that hasn't changed!

We attended my BFF's couple's luau party/shower in honor of their upcoming wedding....

...Just weeks away from J proposing!!

My little ringbearer and flowergirl were still LITTLE!
Sidenote- Little guy just had some minor(ish) surgery Monday and all went well. Praise the Lord! :)

We were still regularly running 5k's.... whoops. I need to hop back on that one ;)
 So there you have it, folks. My excuses and my random photos on this glorious Friday. I truly don't know if I've ever been happier to see a Friday. Bossman will be back Monday and things can hopefully go back to normal.

What were you doing 2 years ago?! :) Think about it.



  1. Great post! I love looking back at old photos.

    And I've never run a race before. I really want to run a half marathon but I'm not good at running anymore :/

  2. Two years ago I had just turned 21 and was celebrating in the Hamptons!

  3. Cute pix! Two years ago I looked like a whale and was ready to pop. I was 8 months preggo with Logan :)

  4. I'm sorry you had such a busy week! I love the throwback pictures. That first picture black and white with just the baseball stadium in color is so awesome!

  5. So fun! Makes you think about how things have changed. 2 years ago we were moving into our first apartment together and planning our wedding! Time flies :)

  6. I love looking back at old pictures!! My blog hasn't been great this week either! Oh well. Life wins! Haha!

  7. Two years ago I had a brand new baby and was living in Hawaii!

  8. haha girl i feel ya... i had to take a bit of a bloggy break.

    my bossman (and woman- they're married) are going on vacation for two weeks soon... should be interesting.


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