90 years!

I had the joy of celebrating my Great-Aunt Leila's 90th birthday over the weekend!! She is just the sweetest, and her two sons put together a big party for all her friends and family.

It's funny, most people don't know their Great-Aunts and Uncles. My husband doesn't know if he's ever met any of his grandparent's siblings. My Mamaw is the youngest of all her sisters, and Leila is the only one still living. I have great memories as a kid knowing all of my mom's aunts and Leila is very special to all of us :)
My Mamaw is on the left, and Great-Aunt Leila on the right.
Are they cute or what?!?!
Cutting her cake. She cut one piece and said "It's chocolate- I'm done cutting!"

Leila is one sweet lady, I hope I have as many friends and family members who show up to my 90th birthday party as she did. She is SO SO LOVED :) And let's not forget to mention how BEAUTIFUL she looks at 90. I hope those genes get passed down to me ;)

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
-Abraham Lincoln

Celebrate life today!!! :)



  1. Aww they really are adorable ((: Happy 90th birthday to her!

  2. She's so cute!! :) Happy birthday to her!!

  3. Oh my how sweet! She is a gorgeous lady! I can't believe it...90 years and kickin'!

  4. Wow 90? She looks great! That's neat you are so close to your great Aunt!

  5. Oh my goodness, 90? Way to go grandma! LOL

    Love your blog, stop by and say hi sometime!

  6. This is sooo cute! And I know what you mean abt ppl and family. My mom was born in Holland so when they came over to the States obviously they had no family here. So her and her sibs are super close and family is very important to us. Happy Birthday Aunt Leila!

  7. How sweet!! :) I love your dress, is it a maxi? Where is it from? :)

  8. Aww she's too cute! Such a little lady behind that big cake


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