Throwback Thursday

Sooo, it's a Thursday and to be quite honest, I'm READY for the weekend.

This week at work has been a CRAZY one, with a lot going one, but definitely a good thing!

However, since it haaaaas been crazy, my brain is short on creativity.

Thus---- Throwback Thursday. I've been making photobooks lately, which may very well consume the rest of my life, but I've been catching up on college life pictures. Yes, it was almost 4 years ago, and no I haven't documented my senior year just yet.

Me just days before my 21st birthday-- we look like babies!!

Me with craaaaazy short hair and my other Erin! 
I thought Katie might appreciate this one ;)

I secretly want to be a farmer…. No biggy.

My little flower-girl…. a photog in training, I tell ya!
Oh. And let's not talk about how I have ZERO makeup on there.

Summer 2009; We went to 6 weddings and had to turn down 5-6 others. Whew!

 Weddings rock!!!!

Another 2009 wedding :) Oh--- and that pretty woman on the far right? 
Due with her first lil' babe December 2nd-- SO excited for her :)

We hosted a Christmas in July party years ago, I think this might be 2009, who knows?! 
Hoping to host another one this year. Anyone ever have this? Way too much fun- and I seriously need to 
wear that Snoopy sweater again. ASAP.

Oh, I met Jeremy Camp that summer too because J won an AWESOME sweepstakes. Don't know him? You should probably check out his amazing music.

And lastly, I leave you with this amazing picture of my sister and I: Christmas 2010.
And I am so pumped, I haven't seen her in almost 6 months, so this visit is much overdue.

Happy Throwback Thursday peeps!



  1. Ummm I'm doing photo books for all of my bridesmaids so I totally "get it"...soooo time consuming!!!

    Lovin' the throwbacks :)

  2. Duh! LOVING it...O-H :) haha hope I can make it in a few weeks! Would love to meet all of you!!

  3. I saw your first picture and thought it was recent and you got a hair cut! Ha! I love it though, your hair looks so pretty in that picture!

    I love going through old pictures! :)

  4. Making my photobooks brought back so many memories! Gotta love oldie photos! :)

  5. So much fun! I really need to throw a Christmas in July party. I love Christmas too much to only have it once.

  6. i don't know who jeremy camp is... but hes a cutie!

    and so fun that your sister is coming!! enjoy it :)

  7. I've been making a ton of photobooks too! I tried to scrapbook our entire lives but that got to be expensive/tedious. With all the deals out there you can make them pretty cheap! Do you have a favorite site?

  8. I love looking back through all my scrapbooks. So fun! And I'm jealous you met and got your picture with Jeremy Camp! I love him!

  9. Hi my name's Erin and I don't take a bad photo.....ever.

    ;) haha happy weekend chica!

  10. I love throwback pictures! I have a whole album on Facebook dedicated to it. Everyone loves seeing pictures from college!


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