Friday, why did you take so long to get here?!

Perhaps becaus I am soooo looking forward to this weekend that will offically kick-off at 5pm!

First- our friends Matt & Cassie had a perfect little baby around 4:45am today and I cannot wait to meet him. Matt went to college with J and I and was one of the ushers in our wedding!

 We are hoping to get over to the hospital tonight or tomorrow morning to see Baby Landon!!! :)
Congrats you two!!!

Second- MY SISTER AND BIL will be in town tonight! Woooooo! We haven't seen them since Christmas so I'm excited to see them and spend time with them. Especially over father's day weekend because one set of my grandparents is having everyone over for a grill-out tomorow afternoon, and then we'll visit my other grandparents that evening. I haven't seen ANY of these people in awhile, much overdue!
My beautiful family! So excited to see ALL of them this weekend :)

Second b- It's also my brother-in-laws birthday Saturday, just another reason to celebrate!

Third - I still don't know what the plans are, but we'll be doing Father's Day round 2 on Sunday with J's side of the family. Then I just might act like I'm 12 again and go have a sleepover at my parents Sunday night! I've got a couple vacation days to spare, and in my job--- you pretty much don't take vacation time July through January, so I figured I might as well use an extra day here and there! What better time than the weekend my sister is in town!! Hoping I can convince her we need to visit the outlets while she's here ;)

And on one last random note-- even though the Thunder lost LAST night,
my hubs looks pretty good in his OKC shirt ;)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have lots of excitement coming your way this weekend like I do!!



  1. Looks like a FUN WEEKEND! :) I say take the days and hang out at the parents!! Everyone deserves some fun PTO!!

  2. Have so much fun! Spending time with the family is THE BEST! Enjoy :)

  3. Enjoy your time with your family this weekend girl!

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Ohhhh my husband a huge Heat fan!! Looks like our husbands were cheering for different teams last night but I'm glad we are in the same boat with all this basketball on tv the past month!!!

  5. I love newly wed blogs! You two are the cutest!!! We are expecting our first in sep. so so fun! xoxo


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