Sunday Cookin'

When I got married a little over a year ago, I had little -to no- experience cooking. Sure, when I lived at home I would try twice a year occasionally to make something, but for the most part I left the cookin' up to my mom (thanks!).

Then, I lived on my own in an apartment for a year- and let's just say the amount of meals I ever cooked there I could count on one hand. Seriously.  Living alone, busy with work and planning a wedding… who felt like cooking up a meal from scratch?! Plus I was trying to squeeze into that wedding dress, so most of the time that fridge was stocked with the basics/essentials: lunch meat, fresh fruit, carrots, yogurt and a freezer full of Lean Cuisine meals. Embarrassing, right?!

Well, I've come a long way! Luckily I've got a hubby who loves to cook and gets home before me during the week, so he enjoys making a lot of our meals but I do my fair share also. Lately- I can't get enough of cilantro, avocados and lime. Any combination, any meal I'm game. My latest crockpot meal was DELICIOUS and so easy I thought I'd share!

Cilantro & Lime Chicken
4-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts (I actually only used 3 because they were big)
24 oz your favorite salsa
1 package of taco seasoning
Cilantro (as much as you want!)
Lime juice (as much as you want! Mine was about 1/3 c. but will put more next time!)

You can obviously use real juice from a lime, but this is all I had, and I'm lazy! :)

Mix everything together. Add thawed chicken to crockpot, cover with mixture. Cook on low for 6 hours.

Seriously SO juicy and flavorful. And my house smelled amazing all day long!! :)

Do you have any great recipes incorporating my current obsessions? Please share, I'd LOVE to try them out!Hope you've all had a great weekend, looking forward to recapping mine tomorrow morning! :)



  1. This looks awesome! I think I'll add it to my meal plan for next week. YUM!! And I'm loving those same ingredients!

  2. This sounds yummy and easy-my favorite kind of recipe!! I have a slew of recipes on my foodie page of my blog. I also have a bunch of my pinterest page:-)

  3. Yum-oh!!! I will definitely have to make this. I couldn't agree more; love like juice, cilantro, and avocado right now!!

  4. This looks awesome! I'm going to try asap!

  5. This looks so easy. I'm alway super amazed at how easy crock pot meals are. So much that my mom got me one for Christmas last year haha but I have YET to cook a single thing in it. This needs to change.

  6. Looks so delicious! You can NEVER have too much cilantro! This past weekend I made cilantro lime jalapeno chicken salad and it was ah-mazing. You have to try it! Here's the link to the site (through pinterest of course!) I added a lot more jalapeno and cilantro than it called for to kick up the flavor, but this is a great starting point! enjoy! :)

  7. Hey Erin! First of all this looks delicious! Second, I saw you were going to be at the Ohio Bloggers meet N Greet and wanted to meet on here before then. Hope you are having a lovel week!

    xo Shane


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