A Memoir and A Dream

Do any of my blog friends out there love to read a memoir as much as I do? Sure, I love autobiographies, but there is something just a little different about memoirs that have always fascinated me.

Many of my favorite are memoirs about people who's lives are truly CRAZY. Maybe this is what is so interesting to me is that I can't even fathom the things many of them have experienced in their lifetime. Books like Running With Scissors, A Million Little Pieces and A piece of cake are books I love and all of the authors went through traumatic life events, only to find there was a light at the end of the darkness. Truly inspiring stories, and also reminds me to be thankful for the life I lead.
Then there are the memoirs by famous people. I've read my fair share of memoirs by athletes, politicians, or people who survived a historic event/tragedy. Again, their lives are so different from what mine will ever be, it's a fascinating look into that lifestyle.

Then there are just your average, ordinary people... like John Grogan who wrote Marley and Me. He simply was a good writer who found humor in life and could write tales of his dog that everyone wanted to read! Or Honeymoon with my Brother by Franz Wisner... he got dumped at the alter on his wedding day, and decides to take his honeymoon (and then extend it for months!) with his brother.
I've enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. I was the kid in 3rd grade who, when the teacher told us to write 1-2 pages, I wrote 5-6. Not to look good or be a show-off, I just always had so much to say! This post may not seem like my normal "life-update" post, but it's because I have had a dream for a long time to be an author and have now started making strides to make that happen.

A goal of mine is to finish a personal memoir. To have it finished enough that I can submit it to publishers and see where it goes. In my mind, I've always thought it was such a far reach, but now that I'm writing it all down, and seeing it shape into an actual story, the dream has gotten a lot closer. I'm definitely going with more of the John Grogan style-- where I've found humor and interest in past experiences and it's a topic I think many will be able to relate to.

So.... I'm not famous, I didn't survive a traumatic event and to be honest my life is pretty ordinary. Ordinary in a great way, definitely, but ordinary all the same. I'm still going to go for it and get this book written one way or another. Why not?! What have I got to lose?

My motivation is at an all-time high. Sure, I love my job... but who wouldn't love to set their own schedule? Work at their pace, from home, or the beach, or wherever life leads you?!

Stay motivated today, in whatever it is you seek to do in life! :)


  1. Wow Erin. How exciting!! If you love memoirs you have to read The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. My book club read it about a year ago and were so intrigued by it!

  2. OMG! This is so cool! Good luck friend!! :)

  3. Awesome! Go for your dreams girl! I want to preorder a copy...autographed please :)

  4. Great post, lady. I love to read memoirs. Have you read "Home" by Julie Andrews. So good!
    I'm writing these recommendations down. I always love a good read :)

  5. This is just amazing! You can do it! Just make sure to tell all of us where we can get our signed copy!

  6. I'm a new follower! I love memoirs as well. I'm currently reading Bloom by Kelle Hampton and I highly recommend it. :)

  7. i soooo wanna write a book too- GOOD FOR YOU!!! send me tips on how to actually DO IT! i followed this link from your 411 and i am PUMPED that i was able to COMMENT!! as you know i have so many problems commenting on your posts ;) anyway, love reading i love to organize too... anything!! ;) fun post today- i may have to link up!

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