June Motivation

I always feel like June is another chance for a fresh start. Everyone makes New Year's Resolutions to kick off the year ( I did a 12 in 12' list here) and what better time to check in on your progress than a halfway point and the start of the summer months?

J and I are definitely kicking off the month with most of our meals planned out, our fridge stocked with tons of fruits and veggies and other healthy choices and motivation to drop the pounds we piled on while vacationing and keep adding to!!

I've got to say, I fell away from MOST of my goals... how depressing is that?!?! But let's focus on the few things I HAVE worked on first :)
A huge goal of mine was just to blog consistently and I've definitely kept up with that. Gone are the days of one post every two months!! It's part of my life now, I love it! I'd like to step up the blogging game a bit more, so maybe these summer months will be a time to press on via the blog world.

I'm still reading as much as possible, but it's slowed down from the first month where I read 4 books in 30 days ;) I'm still reading, and hopefully finishing up Catching Fire this week. J and I also love to write, so we've been doing that more- thus cutting into our reading time, but still super productive. Did I ever tell you we're planning to submit finished books to publishers by the end of the year? Ok- we are.

We are FINALLY getting around to house projects and I couldn't be happier! If you guys follow me on Instagram you probably saw I about peed my pants when J took me to Ikea and said, "Let's spend some money!" It's about time we organized our lower level... we were still using J's plastic cheapo one from college. Ikea provided us with a NICE upgrade that I'm in love with!!

We also bought a brand spankin' new lawn mower (with a friend's discount- thank you Joe!). We'd had two garage sale/hand-me-down mowers that have pooped out on us so I was over the "used" thing. I told J to go get whatever he wanted ... he was like a kid in a candy store, no joke! He probably thought the same thing about me when we were in Ikea. I also got the matching console table for that room, put it together ALL myself and forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

As for the rest of the goals--- they need some work, and a lot of it. I'm determined to get these pounds off and keep it that way. I want my clothes to fit right, I want to look good AND feel good. How do you people who work out every day stay so motivated?! I need your help- seriously.

"Happy" Monday to you all! Looking forward to sharing some healthy/easy recipes and organization projects later this week! :)



  1. We have the same entertainment center from IKEA! Gotta love the Swedes and their fabulous way of organizing our lives. Congrats on sticking to your goals:-)

  2. I just put all of the Hunger Games, Fifty shades, and PLL books on my iPhone to start reading! I'm too excited! June is going to be a good month!

  3. Great post! I didn't make any resolutions, because, lets face it, most of them aren't kept. But I'm definitly up for making goals. And that's so great that you were able to get some new furniture for your house! Brian and I were planning on getting a bedset a a few other things for our move this week (yay!) but because of finances just decided to get a couch/recliner and stick with his bed and dresser for now. Hopefully we can get it soon though! I loved the one we had picked out!


  4. Love the new furniture! I'm right there with you on slacking on my goals... maybe we'll both do better this month! HAHA I'm loving that you're blogging regularly! YAY for that!!

  5. I'm a so with you on slacking on my goals. I find it so much easier to be motivated to get healthy in the summer when its warm. Something about eating healthy and working out while it's snowing just doesn't really work out well for me.

  6. you are making some good progress! :)

    i was doing so good with working out everyday... and then i got a job. and now i struggle. because i love to sleep. gotta get the motivation back!!

  7. um, can you please pass on your energy to me. you are accomplishing the crap out of these goals!! you all rock!

  8. What is it about men and lawn mowers?! Haha! They just love them! So proud of y'all for getting on the healthy track this month. I need to go buy some fruit!

  9. I used. To be so motivated to work out! I would go everyday after work and felt so great!!! Now with Jers work schedule being even more busy and now Olivia, our excuses have been piling up! I need to get back in my old gym routine too!!


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