A hodgepodge recap

We completed phase 1 of "rip our entire backyard apart" over the weekend. It's embarrassing we have let it go this long, but when we moved in the backyard was an overgrown mess and we just didn't get to it last fall.

Some before/after shots
So happy to have everything ripped out, mowed down and sprayed with weed killer!!!
Oh, hello fence! Now we can start with fresh flower beds back there & new mulch
And thank goodness this nasty stuff is GONE, now we have to clean our siding, haha!
It's a relief to have this all gone, and phase 1 complete. Next it will be a lot of mulching and planting which will be a lot more fun ;) Plus- my poor hubs got poision ivy alllll over his arms and legs. He's a itchy mess and I feel so bad for him!! :( Any home rememdies I should know about??


We met up with J's parents and had dinner and decided to putt-putt Saturday night. I'd never been to the one in this area and it was surprisingly really nice. J of course wanted to feed the fish/ducks...

But seriously, how disgusting is this?! These things get fed by putt-putters all day long and they were just flopping all over each other. Kinda' grossed me out a little bit.

We had a fun time putt-putting... things definitely got competitive between J and his dad, but his dad pulled out the win ;) I was happy to place 3rd, beating my MIL by just 1 stroke!

The sunset over the putt-putt golf course, too pretty!

If you missed my crockpot recipe from yesterday, be sure to check it out. I love easy recipes that can be waiting on us when we've been gone all day!

My sister gets in town Friday!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Have a great Monday, everyone :)



  1. Ugh. Wanna come do my yard now???? HAHAHAHAHA :) Looks great!!

  2. I miss midwest grass so much so your yard pix weeds and all are making me jealous :) Florida grass is not grass. You can't even walk barefoot here.

  3. Yard looks great!! Where did you play putt putt??

  4. just came across your blog and wanted to say hello :):) I LOVE it! such great pics :D please come check mine out some time!

  5. Good job on the yard! And putt putt is always a good time!

  6. who you guys DID do a number on your backyard! its' looking good. And dang, that is a LOT of fish!! mini golf is SO fun...I havent' been in forever!

  7. I hate fish, but I love fishing. Hmm. Sounds like a predicament. Looks like a fun time otherwise! :) Haha

  8. What a fun day! That is pretty gross, fish are kind of gross. Great pictures!

  9. too fun. It's been way too long since I play putt putt. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I just posted pictures from my wedding ceremony. Eeek. Love to hear what you think. xo


  10. Wow, your yard looks so nice now! Great job!
    P.S. I nominated you for a blog award, so go check it out!! http://itsapowelllife.blogspot.com/


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