A Father's Day Letter

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

Thank you for being the head of our household, for providing for our family and for providing a great example of a Godly marriage for 31 years and counting.

Thank you for being stern when we needed it and for being ridiculous and funny when we needed that too. 

Thank you for loving me despite my stubborn teenage years-- even though I'm pretty sure I get my stubborn streak from YOU ;)

Thanks for always being the one who said yes to running out late to get "treats" and pop and for giving me my sweet tooth for candy.

Thank you for not just welcoming, but embracing J into our family.

We love you!!!


  1. So sweet! <3 Gotta love dads! :)


  2. i love this erin!! and i love that you have such a great relationship with your dad! :)

  3. what a sweet post to your dad. and you look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day.
    xo TJ


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