Can I recap a weekend on a Thursday?!

I have been totally MIA this week, I know. However, I'm not going to apologize for it, because a few short days away from blogging was necessary. I had an absolute BLAST this past weekend with my sister and bro-in-law in town, seeing all my grandparents and spending father's day with my dad as well as my in-laws. It was jam packed and even with an extra day off.... I was worn out! I am not ashamed to admit that I have went to bed at 9pm (or earlier) the past 2 nights!

I also had a rough day at work last Friday, like really rough. For the most part I love my job and don't have many complaints but Friday was the worst. I won't bore you all with details, but it's been weighing heavily on my mind. Enough so that I just haven't felt like blogging.

Enough with that-- I'm going to overload you with some pictures today :) I ALSO don't want to forget to wish Ms. Allison a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You should stop by her blog and tell her too! ;)

These cuties were in town! Sister Britt & her hubs Aaron
(Yep, Aaron/Erin gets confusing at times!)

A Father's Day gift for my dad-- he really did like it, despite his expression here ;)

Excuse me in all my fatness--- diet started immediately after I saw this picture!!

A grill-out wouldn't be complete without cornhole

Nice form! ;)

Possibly my fave picture of my Granny and I to-date!

Her backyard gardening skills put my yard to shame!!

Loved this cute hummingbird feeder

Precious :) Anyone else think my Pappy looks like Clint Eastwood?

Grandparents with their grandaughters + husbands!
Yes, I'm the idiot wearing jeans in 92 degree weather.

We also stopped over to see my Mamaw and Papaw, this is the only picture I got over there, whoops!
I think the family was getting tired of my camera in their face ;)

Sunday we got to spend time with J's family for yet another grillout. I'm not complaining.

The in-laws precious/crazy dogs that I can't get a good picture of!! lol

Colorful snack food

Brother & Kbug! <----One of these days she's going to start a blog, I swear! ;)

Funny cards and yes, a matching shirt to MY dad ;) Let's hope they don't golf together!

All the men!

Just keepin' things classy!


So that's the most brief summary I could give. Let me just say, I was so thankful that this was this weekend I got to spend with all my family. After a rough Friday, it was truly just what I needed. I hadn't seen my sister since Christmas so it was a good catch-up time. Hopefully J and I will be visiting them this October for a long weekend. Just 4 months to go ;)

Now I must catch up on blogland!!!!



  1. I need to go to bed at 9pm! Haha I always go to sleep so late. And looks like fun!

  2. It looks like you had SO MUCH FUN! :) I'm so glad you decided to head out there and spend some quality family time. There's nothing like family fun!!

  3. Cornhole!! We love that game too! Looks like you had a blast. :)

  4. Looks like a fun weekend. Thanks for the birthday shout out!! Oh and your grandpa definitely resembles Clint Eastwood!!

  5. Looks like a perfect weekend!! All of that colorful snack food is making my stomach growl! YUM! Hope things at work go better this week!!

  6. I love barbeques/grillouts! Sounds like such an awesome time! And love the pictures of the bean bag toss/ cornhole (never knew it was also called that). I played that with Brians family a couple of weeks ago when we had his grandfathers 80th surprise birthday party.

    I hope you check out my Erin Condren giveaway!! :)

  7. I love family cookouts! We have a big one with my aunts and uncles on July 4th every year and they are so much fun!

    I'm your newest follower from

  8. Cornhole!! We have Bengals boards and teach ppl here how to play. So sorry you had such a bad day at work. Do I need to come to Cincy and kick someone's booty? Jk I just want an excuse to come visit :) Glad you had a great weekend!

  9. Looks like you're from cinci... will you be at the Ohio Blogger meet'n'greet?!

    xo Shane

  10. Looks like lots of fun! :) I'm glad you guys had a great time!



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