Friday Letters + a request

Happy Friday & weekend to you all! Unfortunately, this is a working weekend for me-- so I'll be in the office Saturday & Sunday instead of enjoying the beautiful sunshine. So I request that you please, live it up this weekend, take lots of pictures, and post amazing recaps on Monday so I can live vicariously through you all ;)

And with that--- I'll start my first ever Friday's Letters linkup with Ashley!!


Dear Friday, You sound nice in my head, but not this weekend. Please just let me get out of the office by 7 tonight, thanks.

Dear Motorcylists, you are always telling us to watch for you and share the road--- So DON'T go speeding through two lanes of traffic, ON the white line at 90mph. You're going to get yourself or someone else killed.

Dear Heat, I've actually been enjoying you, but wish I could find a way to spend all day in a pool with you. Maybe next weekend?

Speaking of heat-- Dear Work Crew, I feel bad that you are working so hard in this heat. You're doing awesome-- stay hydrated!!!

It's been pretty cool seeing the field transform every day!
Dear Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw, Hope your concert ROCKS! I've put a lot of work into it too, so a shoutout from the stage would be appreciated ;) 

Dear Blog World, You guys are all awesome. Plain and simple!!


Wednesday Randoms

Morning, friends! Jen over at Boys will be Boys tagged me in a 'random facts' post so I thought I'd participate--- and let's be honest, some days it's just easier to not come up with an original post ;)

Random Facts
*I lived in 8 different houses growing up before I moved out on my own (I think 8, fact check Mom??) No reason, my family just likes to move. Probably where I got my love for house hunting, even when I'm NOT moving!

*I absolutely LOVE to go boating with my friends, but almost pee my pants bathing suit every time I do either of these activities:

*J and I start planning our Halloween costumes months in advance. We're cool.

*Every New Year's Eve for the past 18 years my family and I have eaten at Benihana's-- our favorite Japanese steak house. Is that a tradition or WHAT?!

*I've been at my current job for almost 3 years and feel like I'm going to be that rare person that retires from
 the first full-time job they ever had.

*I'm still obsessed with photobooth pics on my computer and generally end up crying from laughing
every time we have a photoshoot.

Now for the list Jen provided, here are my answers :)
1. What is your profession?  I work in the football world, that's all I'll say ;)
2. How would you describe your style? Simple, but classic
3. What one make-up product can you not live without? Rimmell mascara!
4. If you could be besties with one celebrity, who would it be? Probablyyyy Carrie Underwood... or Zoeey Deschanel
5. What is your dream vacation? There are sooo many places I want to travel to, but Fiji is definitely high up on the list!
6. What magazines do you subscribe to? Better Homes & Gardens and ESPN, lol... couldn't be more different, right?
7. If you could have any special talent {that you don't currently have}, what would it be? I'd LOVE to be an amazing singer-- I'm an average singer now, but to just be able to blow people away with your voice... sigh, dreaming!!! ;)
8. What is your favorite breakfast food? I'm a granola and protein shake kinda' girl now... but if I didn't care about weighing 457 pounds it would be waffles!
9. If you could do anything, what is your dream job? I've kinda' already got it... but I'll again throw out a singer/musician and an author... the author part is in the works!!!
10. What is your guilty pleasure? Candy... OH MY GOSH. Some people crave ice cream... I crave Nerds, Sweedish Fish, Reese mini's, etc!! Oh-- and any stupid show they put on TLC, lol!

Thanks, Jen for tagging me! I had fun with this and potentially got some new blog topic ideas after I finished!! ;) Have a great day!


Time Flies

I can't believe this is the last week of June. I feel like I'm always saying that, but seriously!!! Does time go faster as you get older?! As kids it seemed like summer would feel like a lifetime away from school, but the months just zip on by these days!!

Now that I feel/sound 90 instead of 25, I'll let my phone pics do the talking. Friday was lazy, Saturday was FUN, Sunday was lazy and allergy-induced-headache-filled. Man, my life is exciting ;)

1. Saturday mani's at our friend's house :) And yes, we just discovered the new 24oz Mt Dew cans!!
2. Loving my new shellac color "Jack Rose"
3. Friend's pup Phoebe-- cute, crazy dog!!!

1. Hit up an antique shop and their hours were AMAZING ;)
2. Kayla was EXCITED!!!
3. Seriously, so much cool stuff. I definitely need to go back when I'm ready to purchase
4. Considered bringing this tiger home as a joke, but thought it might never leave

1 - 3. Basically, Kayla rocks my life and I love her.

1. Spent a lot of Sunday in sweats, under blankets and in Christmas socks. Allergies kicked my butt this weekend and just felt kinda' crummy.
2. Finally got off the couch and made chicken avocado salad for me to take to lunch all week.
If you are interested:

Here is the original recipe I found on pinterest. I don't add mayo to mine, and I make huge batches of it with 3-4 avocados, big handfuls of cilantro and tons of lime juice. It's great scooped up on chips, or in a pita for a light snack!

Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine ;) This will likely be a crazy work-week for me, with a big event coming to our venue July 1, so I'm trying to psych myself up for the long hours coming in the next few days!!!



How in the world did Friday take so long to get here this week?! I was even off work Monday but the days still seemed to drag. Regardless of why it took Friday forever to show it's face- I'm excited it finally did :) Tonight Jared is planning a low-key date night for us. We've both had crazy weeks and it will be nice to lay low and just enjoy a little bit of downtime together. I'm excited to see what he has in store.

Tomorrow Kayla and I are FINALLY getting together for a girls day/night! Can you tell I'm excited by the enormous, creepy collage pictures? We have been attempting to coordinate our schedules for weeks now and I'm glad it's actually happening this weekend. We're doing mani's, shopping and hopefully some serious crafting! I still have yet to make tile coasters that I've been swearing I would for months. Carolyn over here made THE cutest ones and I need to give them a shot!

Besides that- I'm trying to narrow down what other crafts I should try on my Pinterest boards. There are so many and just not enough time, am I right?!  I want to find a cute way to display a copy of our marriage certificate, perhaps incorporating our monogram. Our bedroom is definitely lacking decor and I think it would look cute in there. Something else I may try to make/order this weekend is similar to this:
First dance photo and lyrics on a canvas. This is a creation by Geezees Custom Canvas Art but I'd love to try to make one myself! I think in sepia, and maybe with a scripted font, it would look pretty in our bedroom too! I'm thinking I'll create it in Adobe Illustrator and have it printed somewhere, but if you need a free service to use I highly recommend PicMonkey.

What has been your best creation via a Pinterest find? Please share! I'm eager to spend some Hobby Lobby and Michael's gift cards this weekend --- nevermind that those gift cards were from my birthday over 2 months ago ;) Help me spend 'em! Happy Friday everyone!!

Can I recap a weekend on a Thursday?!

I have been totally MIA this week, I know. However, I'm not going to apologize for it, because a few short days away from blogging was necessary. I had an absolute BLAST this past weekend with my sister and bro-in-law in town, seeing all my grandparents and spending father's day with my dad as well as my in-laws. It was jam packed and even with an extra day off.... I was worn out! I am not ashamed to admit that I have went to bed at 9pm (or earlier) the past 2 nights!

I also had a rough day at work last Friday, like really rough. For the most part I love my job and don't have many complaints but Friday was the worst. I won't bore you all with details, but it's been weighing heavily on my mind. Enough so that I just haven't felt like blogging.

Enough with that-- I'm going to overload you with some pictures today :) I ALSO don't want to forget to wish Ms. Allison a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You should stop by her blog and tell her too! ;)

These cuties were in town! Sister Britt & her hubs Aaron
(Yep, Aaron/Erin gets confusing at times!)

A Father's Day gift for my dad-- he really did like it, despite his expression here ;)

Excuse me in all my fatness--- diet started immediately after I saw this picture!!

A grill-out wouldn't be complete without cornhole

Nice form! ;)

Possibly my fave picture of my Granny and I to-date!

Her backyard gardening skills put my yard to shame!!

Loved this cute hummingbird feeder

Precious :) Anyone else think my Pappy looks like Clint Eastwood?

Grandparents with their grandaughters + husbands!
Yes, I'm the idiot wearing jeans in 92 degree weather.

We also stopped over to see my Mamaw and Papaw, this is the only picture I got over there, whoops!
I think the family was getting tired of my camera in their face ;)

Sunday we got to spend time with J's family for yet another grillout. I'm not complaining.

The in-laws precious/crazy dogs that I can't get a good picture of!! lol

Colorful snack food

Brother & Kbug! <----One of these days she's going to start a blog, I swear! ;)

Funny cards and yes, a matching shirt to MY dad ;) Let's hope they don't golf together!

All the men!

Just keepin' things classy!


So that's the most brief summary I could give. Let me just say, I was so thankful that this was this weekend I got to spend with all my family. After a rough Friday, it was truly just what I needed. I hadn't seen my sister since Christmas so it was a good catch-up time. Hopefully J and I will be visiting them this October for a long weekend. Just 4 months to go ;)

Now I must catch up on blogland!!!!


Still on my weekend… suckers!!

Sorry, all. I decided to squeeze all I could into this weekend, but it just wouldn't fit….. So I'm off work today and spending it with the fam. One last day of fun with my sister before she heads back home! I hope everyone else's Monday is as good as possible, don't let the Monday blues get ya today!!

I promise to have a full recap of the amount of food that has been eaten by grilling out two days in a row, visiting two sets of grandparents, how bad we got our butts whooped in cornhole and all that other fun stuff once they leave. But for now…. just look at how cute 2 of my grandparents are!!! ;)

And go ahead and ignore the sweat on all of our faces/backs/etc… It was 90 and humid this weekend in Ohio--- WHEW!!

I'll be back tomorrow :)


A Father's Day Letter

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

Thank you for being the head of our household, for providing for our family and for providing a great example of a Godly marriage for 31 years and counting.

Thank you for being stern when we needed it and for being ridiculous and funny when we needed that too. 

Thank you for loving me despite my stubborn teenage years-- even though I'm pretty sure I get my stubborn streak from YOU ;)

Thanks for always being the one who said yes to running out late to get "treats" and pop and for giving me my sweet tooth for candy.

Thank you for not just welcoming, but embracing J into our family.

We love you!!!


Friday, why did you take so long to get here?!

Perhaps becaus I am soooo looking forward to this weekend that will offically kick-off at 5pm!

First- our friends Matt & Cassie had a perfect little baby around 4:45am today and I cannot wait to meet him. Matt went to college with J and I and was one of the ushers in our wedding!

 We are hoping to get over to the hospital tonight or tomorrow morning to see Baby Landon!!! :)
Congrats you two!!!

Second- MY SISTER AND BIL will be in town tonight! Woooooo! We haven't seen them since Christmas so I'm excited to see them and spend time with them. Especially over father's day weekend because one set of my grandparents is having everyone over for a grill-out tomorow afternoon, and then we'll visit my other grandparents that evening. I haven't seen ANY of these people in awhile, much overdue!
My beautiful family! So excited to see ALL of them this weekend :)

Second b- It's also my brother-in-laws birthday Saturday, just another reason to celebrate!

Third - I still don't know what the plans are, but we'll be doing Father's Day round 2 on Sunday with J's side of the family. Then I just might act like I'm 12 again and go have a sleepover at my parents Sunday night! I've got a couple vacation days to spare, and in my job--- you pretty much don't take vacation time July through January, so I figured I might as well use an extra day here and there! What better time than the weekend my sister is in town!! Hoping I can convince her we need to visit the outlets while she's here ;)

And on one last random note-- even though the Thunder lost LAST night,
my hubs looks pretty good in his OKC shirt ;)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have lots of excitement coming your way this weekend like I do!!


A Memoir and A Dream

Do any of my blog friends out there love to read a memoir as much as I do? Sure, I love autobiographies, but there is something just a little different about memoirs that have always fascinated me.

Many of my favorite are memoirs about people who's lives are truly CRAZY. Maybe this is what is so interesting to me is that I can't even fathom the things many of them have experienced in their lifetime. Books like Running With Scissors, A Million Little Pieces and A piece of cake are books I love and all of the authors went through traumatic life events, only to find there was a light at the end of the darkness. Truly inspiring stories, and also reminds me to be thankful for the life I lead.
Then there are the memoirs by famous people. I've read my fair share of memoirs by athletes, politicians, or people who survived a historic event/tragedy. Again, their lives are so different from what mine will ever be, it's a fascinating look into that lifestyle.

Then there are just your average, ordinary people... like John Grogan who wrote Marley and Me. He simply was a good writer who found humor in life and could write tales of his dog that everyone wanted to read! Or Honeymoon with my Brother by Franz Wisner... he got dumped at the alter on his wedding day, and decides to take his honeymoon (and then extend it for months!) with his brother.
I've enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. I was the kid in 3rd grade who, when the teacher told us to write 1-2 pages, I wrote 5-6. Not to look good or be a show-off, I just always had so much to say! This post may not seem like my normal "life-update" post, but it's because I have had a dream for a long time to be an author and have now started making strides to make that happen.

A goal of mine is to finish a personal memoir. To have it finished enough that I can submit it to publishers and see where it goes. In my mind, I've always thought it was such a far reach, but now that I'm writing it all down, and seeing it shape into an actual story, the dream has gotten a lot closer. I'm definitely going with more of the John Grogan style-- where I've found humor and interest in past experiences and it's a topic I think many will be able to relate to.

So.... I'm not famous, I didn't survive a traumatic event and to be honest my life is pretty ordinary. Ordinary in a great way, definitely, but ordinary all the same. I'm still going to go for it and get this book written one way or another. Why not?! What have I got to lose?

My motivation is at an all-time high. Sure, I love my job... but who wouldn't love to set their own schedule? Work at their pace, from home, or the beach, or wherever life leads you?!

Stay motivated today, in whatever it is you seek to do in life! :)

A hodgepodge recap

We completed phase 1 of "rip our entire backyard apart" over the weekend. It's embarrassing we have let it go this long, but when we moved in the backyard was an overgrown mess and we just didn't get to it last fall.

Some before/after shots
So happy to have everything ripped out, mowed down and sprayed with weed killer!!!
Oh, hello fence! Now we can start with fresh flower beds back there & new mulch
And thank goodness this nasty stuff is GONE, now we have to clean our siding, haha!
It's a relief to have this all gone, and phase 1 complete. Next it will be a lot of mulching and planting which will be a lot more fun ;) Plus- my poor hubs got poision ivy alllll over his arms and legs. He's a itchy mess and I feel so bad for him!! :( Any home rememdies I should know about??


We met up with J's parents and had dinner and decided to putt-putt Saturday night. I'd never been to the one in this area and it was surprisingly really nice. J of course wanted to feed the fish/ducks...

But seriously, how disgusting is this?! These things get fed by putt-putters all day long and they were just flopping all over each other. Kinda' grossed me out a little bit.

We had a fun time putt-putting... things definitely got competitive between J and his dad, but his dad pulled out the win ;) I was happy to place 3rd, beating my MIL by just 1 stroke!

The sunset over the putt-putt golf course, too pretty!

If you missed my crockpot recipe from yesterday, be sure to check it out. I love easy recipes that can be waiting on us when we've been gone all day!

My sister gets in town Friday!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Have a great Monday, everyone :)