Wedding Wednesday {Details & Vendors}

Hard to believe Wedding Wednesday is coming to an end! This is my last wedding recap post, and I wanted to share a few details that might have been left out of earlier posts. Plus, I have to give some vendors we loved some shout outs too!! 

The beautiful flowers Jared had waiting on me in the bridal suite :) My shoes are from Ebay! Honestly they were more casual than I wanted, but I looked high and low for orange, polka-dot, affordable shoes. Harder to find than you'd think ;) I still love them and love that I can wear them a lot too! My garters are from Etsy, specific shop here. Loved the price, quality and look!!


My dress was from Davids Bridal. Loved the dress, didn't love the cost of alterations. Brides-to-be, keep in mind that if your dress has a lot of lace or beading, things can add up quickly with alterations. Once the alterations were finished, we were paying a LOT more than we'd planned to on the dress. (Sorry, mom!) My pretty personalized hanger was a gift from Kayla; It's from Etsy, not sure the specific store, but you all know there are TONS of great options for these :)

My hair flower was from Love Culture, of all places! I'd looked at the expensive headpieces/flowers from bridal shops, online, everywhere! I couldn't justify spending much at all on something I'd likely only wear ONCE. I stumbled upon this bad boy for $4.99--- YEP! I love a deal.

My jewelry, and all my bridesmaid's jewelry was from Macy's. I also hit up a great sale there!!

Flowers were just "eh" for me, so I won't bother mentioning the local Cincinnati vendor. I told you about how mine broke, plus the guys flowers weren't exactly what we wanted, we were a boutonniere short, and they forgot I ordered a separate 'toss bouqet' so I didn't have that either. Flowers weren't super important to me, but still- you want what you pay for!

These programs could have very well been the death of me. I designed them myself and loved the look of the finished product, but really had no idea HOW MUCH WORK they would be! The cutting, hole punching, ribbon threading... whew! Kayla and I actually stayed up one ENTIRE night finishing these--- bless her heart, I'm surprised we're still friends! ;) Note to self-- don't put off DIY projects!!!

Basket of bubbles from Hobby Lobby!
It sits in our bathroom now to hold extra TP, toiletries, etc! ;)

My mom made all these by hand for the pews. She is so talented :)

The cake table included pictures of both our parent's wedding days. I thought it was fun, personal touch- especially because my parents were celebrating their 30th anniversary that weekend!

The INCREDIBLE cake was from Marilyn's Cakes. If anyone in the Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky or even Southeast Indiana area is looking for an affordable and delicious wedding cake-- You should call her!! Our cake was a different combination on each layer: French Vanilla with Raspberry filling, Chocolate with Whipped Vanilla filling and Strawberry Swirl with cream cheese filling! 

Our football couple cake topper was from Wedding Warehouse --a sketchy looking site I took a risk on. It worked out though- it was just what we were looking for!

All our rings came from Jared's, and I couldn't love them more! My ring was a solitaire setting, and the band "hooks" onto the engagement ring-- thus one ring!

Our guest book- made from our engagement pictures and printed by our photographer.

Our photographer was MAB Photos and I highly recommend her again, to anyone in the OH, KY, IN area. Affordable, professional, great to work with and great quality photos
 that I'll never get tired of looking at!!

I guess that sums up the wedding recaps! I'm definintely looking forward to recapping our honeymoon- it will likely take 3 days with the amount of pictures I've got to share.


  1. I love all of this! The bright orange is so much fun!!! We were working on our programs until the day before. I kept thinking "they'll get done"... um no honey. They won't. HAHA :) Can't wait to hear about the honeymoon!

  2. OMG I made my wedding programs and invites too. NEVER AGAIN.
    Well wait.
    Let's hope not!

  3. My wedding programs looked very similar to yours...they were much harder than they looked! Thankful for a loving sister and mom to the rescue. Haha. Love all your cute wedding details!

  4. thanks for sharing the sites!

  5. Loved reading your wedding recaps! I love live your wedding dress!! :)

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