Wedding Wednesday {Ceremony}

Morning all! And Happy MAY! This month is going to be seriously fun and I feel like I have ZERO focus at work. I'm running an awesome 5k this weekend, seeing my parents and family friends this weekend, leaving for vacation in 9 days, going to MJ- The Immortal at Cirque du Soleil, and celebrating our 1st anniversary at the end of this month! SO much to do & celebrate :)

Today I'm recapping the Ceremony for my Wedding Wednesday. To any of my new followers- check out my wedding tab if you've missed any of the previous recaps!

It was pretty awesome to have all of our grandparents there- 4 sets of them! The top is J's grandparents, the bottom two pictures show my grandma's. J's Papaw -top middle- passed away about 4 months after our wedding and I know how important it was to J that he was able to be there and celebrate with us.

Our lovely parents :)

Our momma's lighting the candles at the start of the ceremony

The beautiful bridal party -- ps, note to bridal party members -- SMILE, when you walk down the aisle!! ;)

Could they be any cuter?!!


                                     J waiting for me -- one of my favorite pictures of him that day!

 We had both sets of parents come up and do a "family prayer" with us and the pastor. It was a really special thing to have them all pray marriage blessings over us that day.

Our family friend who did an INCREDIBLE job with the music. He sang/played this during the lighting of the unity candle--- check it out, amazing song!!!

Beautiful church, beautiful guests!


J and I right after the ceremony :)

Hugging my bestie!

High-fives for the ringbearer

The guests picked up bubbles on the way out, the church bell rang and we were sent off in style ;)

Can you believe that blue sky?? It was such a perfect day to get married. Sighhh-- I feel like I'm getting more sappy as our first anniversary approaches ;) I think that's totally acceptable though.



  1. I lovelovelove your dress! The back is gorgeous, and you look so beautiful! Happy almost-anniversary!

  2. These photos are great! You look gorgeous!

  3. I love your dress, the back is amazing! And the lighting in the church is also beautiful.

  4. You were stunning and your dress is fabulous! Love your blog! Can't wait to catch up.

  5. Fav blog post by far dear! even though I didn't make a special appearance.. oh wait, the back of my head was in one ;)

    you made an absolutely stunning bride!! LOVE YOU!

  6. You seriously made SUCH a beautiful bride!! :)

    GL at your race and with your fam!!

    I'm jealous of your vacay plans!!

  7. You look so beautiful!! I love your hair it's so perfect for the dress!!

    Steph at

  8. you look so beautiful! and i am in love with your dress, the back is amazing!

  9. You are gorgeous!!!! I love the first kiss's so classic!!

  10. Your dress is stunning! That's how I envision mine. Lace, with straps, and a sexy back! And I love the black and white pictures!

  11. You're the first person I've seen that's had orange as their wedding color. I used orange too! Your wedding looks like it was beautiful. That church is gorgeous!

  12. I cannot get over the back of your dress! FOund your blog and am so in love :) Where did you find it?!

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