{Our Honeymoon} Part 3

Friday is HERE and I'm so excited!!! Not only to be recapping the 3rd and final part of our honeymoon, but because I'm going to see Michael Jackon THE IMMORTAL tonight!!!! I've never seen a Cirque du soleil show and this one could NOT be any more perfect for me! Plus it kicks off our anniversary weekend!

Now back to honeymooning!!Hopefully you enjoyed our hotel as much as we did, and I hope you all ran out and immediately bought a lion after seeing this. One of the coolest things we did while in Mexico was take a half-day trip to Tulum, to see the Mayan Ruins. Jared was SUPER excited about it, and I was indifferent about it until we got there.... I'm SO glad we decided to fork over some extra money and spend a half day there.
mayan ruins tulum
We had a tour guide take us around for about 45 minutes which was much more interesting than I anticipated. Then we had free roam until the shuttle would come back for us.

mayan ruins

mayan ruins tulum

mayan ruins tulum

The beaches of Tulum were RIDICULOUS! We thought they were nice at our resort --less than an hour away-- but BOY, they showed 'em up!
tulum beaches

ruins at tulum beaches

mayan ruins tulum
We had this photo blown up and printed on a canvas in our guest room :)

Have you seen water that blue before?!?!?!

One of my favorite pictures... being able to see that storm a'brewing! Luckily our 1/2 day trip ended before it hit us!

Remember yesterday I said we got a free honeymoon 'package' from the resort because we stayed a certain amount of nights? Well, it included a private beachfront dinner.....
dinner on the beach

All to ourselves, looking out over the ocean and listening to the waves crash. Sighhh.....

dinner on the beach

We had two waiters that night, waiting on us hand and foot when we needed them, but leaving us to enjoy our romantic dinner together too. Couldn't have been more perfect!!!

Coming home from the honeymoon was definitely bittersweet. We were sad to leave our tropical paradise, but SO excited to be Mr. and Mrs. and to start getting settled into our new home together!

After a loooong day of 12+ hours traveling, we finally made it to our home-sweet-home.

Since we started our marriage by ordering pizza, we thought what better way to enjoy our first night home?! We ordered our favorite pizza, poured the Mt. Dew & spent the next couple of hours opening cards and gifts. It was such a surreal, special night to be home from paradise and really starting our new life together.

And now here we are, just a few days shy of our 1st anniversary.
Where has the time gone?! :)


  1. So exciting that you're goin to that show!!!!! We are humongous fans of MJ! Hope it's a great show!

  2. That beach is SO PRETTY! I love the white sand and the blue water! LOVE!!! :) And pizza and mountain dew is always amazing. HAHA Happy almost 1 year!!!

  3. OH MY GOSH! Girl! This is exciting.

    I've been in that exact same spot. Like, seriously, we went on vacation to the Mayan Riveria the summer before my senior year of high school. My dad bought some fancy camera and took some of senior portraits at the Mayan Ruins and on that exact beach in Tulum. SO cool.

    Gorgeous pictures! =) I'm so glad y'all had a funnn honeymoon! :)

  4. SO fun! :) Love your pictures Erin!


    PS- have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  5. awesome pictures... but i must know... how was the immortal tour?! we're going next month and i can't wait!!!

  6. I've really got to go to the Caribbean at some point in my life!

  7. Love, love, LOVE the picture of the storm. Tha one is definitely my favorite. You should get that one blown up too. Wish I was there to see that!


  8. I like you more and more every time I read something on your blog! Your honeymoon looked amazing! We also blew up pix from our hm and have them in our guest room!


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