{Our Mexico Honeymoon} part 1

I'm still on a vacation 'high' so it's great that I get to talk about our mexico honeymoon today (and tomorrow, and likely the next day!) on the blog. Since I didn't start blogging consistently 'til about 6 months after our wedding, I've never recapped the best trip OF MY LIFE! :) Immediately after our incredible wedding reception we headed to a downtown Cincinnati hotel. We had a room on nearly the top floor and the view of the city was awesome!

I will admit-- the first thing we did after checking in? Ordered a pizza!! After quickly/barely eating at the reception and then dancing for hours we were SO hungry and needed food so Pizza Hut was our solution.

We actually had a day in between the wedding and our flight to Mexico, so that Sunday we got to spend the day downtown, exploring and soaking in the beautiful weather. We visited the Cincinnati History Museum, saw an IMAX movie and ate some delicious Mexican food at Don Pablo's to prepare ourselves.

Monday morning, bright and early we were at the airport and ready to get to Mexico. It was hard to wake up that morning but that quickly passed and we got excited to use our passports for the first time! Yes. We look REALLY good.

Jared had never flown before, and I'd only flown one other time. He was super pumped about it, I was nervous while we sat on the runway, but by the time we took off I was daydreaming about the beach and the ocean. Neither one of us had been out of the country before and we were so giddy with excitement!

After a quick layover in Atlanta (hello, MEGA-airport!) We jetted off to Cancun's airport and were there before we knew it!! We got to have our first experience going through customs, which definitely took forever. The line was long to begin with and the process was going slo-o-o-o-wly. Probably an hour+ went by before we were done. Luckily, our shuttle was still waiting on us. We found them easily and were on our way to the resort in the Mayan Riviera.

We stayed at Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort and Spa and I would recommend it a billion times over! If anyone is looking into a Mexico honeymoon or vacation, let me know- I'll happily tell you all about this place and anything you want to know.  It was absolute paradise and we hope to go back one day; if not to this specific resort, definitely another one of the Dreams resorts because they do.things.right.

Like our room....

 Those views are all from our private patio -- which also included a hot tub!!!

We couldn't believe how beautiful it was; it's one of those places that you see on the website and think "No WAY could it really look this amazing in person" but it proved us wrong. The first morning there, we were treated to a complimentary breakfast in bed because we were honeymooners. How cute is his bedhead?! ;)

We spent the first day at the beach, baking our ghostly white skin in the gorgeous Mexico sun, trying out a couple of the restaurants and honestly just being in complete awe that we were really in this gorgeous place for the next week.

This was in a "natural pool" enclosed by rocks, but with the ocean flowing in. Very cool!

We definitely got a little sun that first day! We got cleaned up and tried the authentic Mexican restaurant that night and had some of THE best salsa and guacamole my tastebuds have ever enjoyed. Plus the decor was SO COOL-- I told Jared we need a room like this in our next house! ;)

After dinner, and a beach walk we decided to check out the evening show. If you've never been to an all-inclusive, it pretty much seems like there is constantly something going on to entertain you! They updated a board daily with any and all events... this night it was advertising a "Fire & Water" show. We're glad we stopped in!

So there you have it. A summary of the first bit of our mexico honeymoon. Have any of you visited this area of Mexico? Gosh, it's just so breathtakingly beautiful! I may just be spending my lunch break booking another trip there ;)


  1. Holy moly, that looks amazing! Just relaxing sounds amazing. I've been to the Maya Rivera (a lower-key Cancun-ish type place; not much partying but a whole bunch of resorts) and it was similarly beautiful!

  2. I seriously cannot imagine a view that amazing from my bedroom! It seams unreal!

  3. Your blog caught my eye because I'm a Midwest girl too! Your vacation looks absolutely beautiful.
    Want to follow each other doll? Let me know!

    Lady Million

  4. So beautiful. I need a vacation! :)

  5. looks like an amazing honeymoon!! i have wondered about dreams vacations. we did sandals for our honeymoon, which was fabulous... but i probably wouldn't do a sandals again since its like 99% honeymooners {plus i feel it was a bit overpriced}.

    and isn't the airport in atl huge?! thats where im from, and i LOVE it. they offer flights EVERYWHERE and there is so much going on ALL hours of the day- its the best people watching place. but i get anxiety about flying by myself, because its so big.

  6. Looks so pretty! What city is this?

  7. Looks like a great first day!!! And that room... STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This looks like you had a great time, and it looks very relaxing!


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