Exhaustion on Friday

This week has been CRAZY. Work has been stressful, I've been pushing myself to run and get ready for a 5k this weekend that I might not be running now (long story), I attended a baseball game Tuesday night in my company's suite and I had a hair salon disaster last night. Maybe you saw me tweet that I waited for 35 minutes PAST my scheduled appointment and ended up walking out because they still weren't ready for me. It was my first AND LAST time trying that salon out. Off to try another route this weekend!

Back to that baseball game. We ended up not seeing any baseball because of a monsoon that came through, but you can't hate on a suite with tons of free food and opportunities to schmooze with management, right!? Too tired to write anymore-- and work deadline are screaming my name-- so I'll leave you with a couple quick snapshots!

Yes- this was at about 6:45pm and it got THAT dark. Hence the no baseball thing!

OH! And one last thing!
That cute husband of mine up there?!


He's had a couple offers out on the table and has been stressing over which route to take. His company really fought for him and offered him a great position with more cash. He's officially a manager over about 30 guys now-- I couldn't be more proud of him! He's such a hard worker and absolutely deserves it :)

Totally my man! ;)

TGIF friends!!!!


  1. That monsoon came through here - I hate storms. Too bad it ruined your baseball game but maybe that means a 2nd trip to make up for it??

  2. thats terrible about the salon! what bad customer service.

    congrats to your man!!! so exciting!

  3. That's so sad about the Reds game...but at least you got free food. :) Sorry you had a rough week...hopefully this weekend is a good one for you!

  4. I have not to a baseball game in forever.... I must fix this!

  5. Yay for raises! Congrats to him!

  6. Congrats to your hubby!!!! That's so exciting! You are super cute, even in a monsoon! : )

  7. I heard the news yesterday! Congrats to him!

  8. awww so exciting about the promotion! well-deserved i'm sure! :)

    and that SUCKS about the monsoon but your suite sounds pretty awesome!!

    i think i saw on insta that you ran your race?! hope you did! :)


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