Birthdays + another anniversary!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on J & I's anniversary!! It's weird to now think we're in our SECOND year of marriage... wow, are we old farts or what?! ;)

Speaking of old farts I wanted to also say a (belated) Happy Anniversary to my sweet parents! ;) Their 31st anniversary was yesterday and to celebrate my dad got them tickets to see Wicked this weekend. I KNOW my mom is excited, and I'm a lil jealous. Pretty awesome to have parents (and in-laws!) who have been married for 30+ years, what great examples they have given us.


Last night we got together with the in-laws to celebrate THREE birthdays. My brother-in-law, his wife and stepson all have birthdays within an 18 day span, talk about a lot of celebrating!

When there is only 1 kiddo in the family, they pretty much end up being the only one who
 gets 57 pictures taken of them...

 lol-- Top right is him saying "Cheese-bugger!!!"

He's so cute :)

BIL & K-Bug

The birthday family!

J caught me playing with the little guy. Please don't judge ;)

Lots of extra kiddy-spit added for flavor!

Does your family still get together for all siblings birthdays and such? I definitely love celebrating bdays but it seems like it gets to be more and more difficult every year. Always trying to coordinate schedules can get pretty stressful actually!! My one and only sister lives almost 600 miles away from me, so we generally just mail each other birthday presents. Ps- she will be in town with her hubby in just 15 little days! WOOT!

Happy Thursday of a short-work-week all! :)


First Anniversary Celebration(s)

We pretty much celebrated our anniversary all weekend long :)
Friday night was Michael Jackson "The Immortal" Cirque du soleil, and I WISH I could put into words how amazing it was. I was blown away, seriously. Those dancers, performers, acrobats, musicians, etc etc... are SO talented! The show was awesome-- but zero cameras allowed in there, so you'll just have to go see it yourself! (Or check out youtube!) ;)

Saturday my cousin Whitney got married. Something about being at a wedding after you're recently married, and especially on your anniversary makes me turn into a ball of sap.

The newlyweds!

Sunday we enjoyed some treats from our favorite local bakery....

Later that afternoon we thought the 93 degree weather was the perfect time to work in our yard ;) There was a TON of overgrown flowers, plants, weeds etc that we inherited when we bought the house-- and sadly had put off for far too long! We spent a few hours working on our tans and pulling up just about everything in our front yard!

I wish I'd taken the VERY before picture because at this point we'd already ripped out a ton of dead stuff and trimmed down the few things we are keeping!
Progress!! But still lots more to do, obviously.

Our in-laws stopped by while we were out working in the yard and apparently our fresh start gave them an idea.... Because the next day, for our anniversary they dropped these beautiful orange flowers off for us to plant! They know I love my orange!!! :)

Monday, May 28 was the official 1-year mark of our marriage! We knew we wanted a low-key day, because the big vacation we just took was our "gift" to celebrate. That morning we exchanged just small, personal gifts and cards and enjoyed a lazy morning together. J surprised me by saying he wanted to drive us out to the church we got married at, just to be sentimental and take some pictures. Swooooon! :)

Monday was beautiful, so it was a nice, sunny 30-minute drive out to the church. We hadn't been there since our actual wedding (we attend somewhere else!), so it brought back a flood of wonderful memories.
We took some pictures at the covered bridge where we did our first look on our wedding day :)

Enjoying our day together, so much!

We spent the rest of the day just flying by the seat of our pants! We didn't have any plans, and that's how we wanted the day to be... carefree and fun. We tried a new restaurant J had never been too - delicious. We stopped in at a fun bookstore in the area and explored the shelves for way too long ;) We used giftcards we'd long forgotten about and took our time getting back to our side of town.

I forgot we'd wanted a picture with a "1 year" sign, so excuse the sweaty, tired looks on our faces at this point. And my lack of makeup & flat hair as well! It was a scorcher yesterday!!

That night we ordered pizza -- like we did on our wedding night -- rented movies, made lists of what we want to do/see in our 2nd year of marriage, danced to our wedding song, and last but CERTAINLY not least we ate our cake topper!

Well, what was left of it... The reception site was cutting GINORMOUS pieces for our guests and almost ran out because of this! So we had a piece of our topper left-- but it was plenty!

My mom was the one who had wrapped it and stored it for us while we were on our honeymoon- and she did a phenomenal job!! Note to future brides: she wrapped it in 2 layers of plastic wrap, then two layers of aluminum foil I believe, and then it was in a zipped plastic bag.

It was so delicious, I was really shocked it tasted this good after an entire year!!

Cake for a bedtime snack?! Sure, why not!??

I've got to say--- marriage is pretty incredible. The things we've learned and experienced together in our first year will never be forgotten. I'm excited to know that I've got my best friend by my side for a lifetime of anniversaries together.
Love you, J!!!


One Year

One year ago today…
I married my best friend :)

 Happy Anniversary to my best friend. 
Couldn't imagine life without you-- you are truly my soulmate!!!
Love you, babe!!!

{Our Honeymoon} Part 3

Friday is HERE and I'm so excited!!! Not only to be recapping the 3rd and final part of our honeymoon, but because I'm going to see Michael Jackon THE IMMORTAL tonight!!!! I've never seen a Cirque du soleil show and this one could NOT be any more perfect for me! Plus it kicks off our anniversary weekend!

Now back to honeymooning!!Hopefully you enjoyed our hotel as much as we did, and I hope you all ran out and immediately bought a lion after seeing this. One of the coolest things we did while in Mexico was take a half-day trip to Tulum, to see the Mayan Ruins. Jared was SUPER excited about it, and I was indifferent about it until we got there.... I'm SO glad we decided to fork over some extra money and spend a half day there.
mayan ruins tulum
We had a tour guide take us around for about 45 minutes which was much more interesting than I anticipated. Then we had free roam until the shuttle would come back for us.

mayan ruins

mayan ruins tulum

mayan ruins tulum

The beaches of Tulum were RIDICULOUS! We thought they were nice at our resort --less than an hour away-- but BOY, they showed 'em up!
tulum beaches

ruins at tulum beaches

mayan ruins tulum
We had this photo blown up and printed on a canvas in our guest room :)

Have you seen water that blue before?!?!?!

One of my favorite pictures... being able to see that storm a'brewing! Luckily our 1/2 day trip ended before it hit us!

Remember yesterday I said we got a free honeymoon 'package' from the resort because we stayed a certain amount of nights? Well, it included a private beachfront dinner.....
dinner on the beach

All to ourselves, looking out over the ocean and listening to the waves crash. Sighhh.....

dinner on the beach

We had two waiters that night, waiting on us hand and foot when we needed them, but leaving us to enjoy our romantic dinner together too. Couldn't have been more perfect!!!

Coming home from the honeymoon was definitely bittersweet. We were sad to leave our tropical paradise, but SO excited to be Mr. and Mrs. and to start getting settled into our new home together!

After a loooong day of 12+ hours traveling, we finally made it to our home-sweet-home.

Since we started our marriage by ordering pizza, we thought what better way to enjoy our first night home?! We ordered our favorite pizza, poured the Mt. Dew & spent the next couple of hours opening cards and gifts. It was such a surreal, special night to be home from paradise and really starting our new life together.

And now here we are, just a few days shy of our 1st anniversary.
Where has the time gone?! :)

{Our Honeymoon} part 2

Our honeymoon got better and better every day. Seriously.
dreams puerto aventuras
There is nothing better than Dreams resorts!!

The resort had 6 different places to eat, ranging from Italian, Seafood, Mexican (duh), a buffet and a couple of casual beachside grills for quick food while you're catching some rays. We ate at almost every place at least once-- we skipped the seafood as we're not big fans-- and they ALL were delicious.
Jared's favorite was Portofino - the Italian place. Mine was the Mexican place :)

We loved stuffing ourselves silly at dinner and then walking 1/3 of it off during an evening beach stroll.
And wow- can I please get that tan back?!!

There was never a shortage of activities at our resort! On various days we snorkeled, did Zumba on the beach, played some volleyball and one day we did the most intense water aerobics class known to man! Never. Again.

We took kayaks out one day... and aside from Jared whacking me in the head with his paddle once (ouch), we did pretty good! Another fun thing we did was ride this "HobieCat" out a couple miles!

Bye, resort!

After we got back. It was amazing how fast that lil' guy could take us- it was a blast!

Cute flip-flops my aunt gave us for the trip :)

Since we stayed 7 nights, we got an AMAZING honeymoon package for free! Normally it would cost a couple quite a bit of extra $$$ to add on to their vacation. It included 30 minute beachfront massages for both of us, plus 25 minute facials in their spa! (Also- a private beachfront dinner, which I'll share tomorrow!) 
oceanfront spa mexico
Yep, I never wanted to get up from this spot.

Oh, and one of the coolest things we got to do while in Mexico?
hold a lion mexico
HOLD A BABY LION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we go back yet?!
Third and final Mexico recap, tomorrow!