Wedding Wednesday - Showered with Love!

I'm back-tracking just a bit on the wedding wednesday post this week. I've been talking about all the awesome bridal party and people involved in our wedding (catch up here) --- and didn't want to leave out two HUGE parts of our special day.
Bridal Showers!!!

Yes, being at one over the weekend made me realize I needed to document these ASAP for a Wedding Wednesday post :) I feel very lucky that I had two amazing bridal showers thrown for me. One by my sister and mom, and another by Jared's mom & family. I had an absolute blast at both of them! SO many people put in a lot of hours into planning them for me and SO many friends and family traveled a ways to be there.

Shower #1 -My family & friends
Delicious cookies & Oreo truffles!
MOUNDS of presents-- I was totally shocked!
A couple of the more funny gifts- Laundry basket also stuffed w/ my fave snacks;
"Date night" basket from MY MOTHER-IN-LAW filled with movies, popcorn, drinks, glasses and LINGERIE!!!
My flower girl being THE cutest ever!
5 of these 6 girls drove 2 hours or more to be there that day! So blessed by their friendship.
My sweet cousin Lindsey and my sister Brittney
Jared's mom and my mom!
Not only did my mom throw me an awesome bridal shower-- she let my gifts take over her living room for about 2 months while I was moving out of my apartment and we were closing on our house!!
Ps- See that gorgeous afghan?! Handmade by my mom for us :)

Shower #2 -Jared's family!

I'll preface this part of the post by saying this: Jared's family LOVES to embarrass the bride-to-be and does so at every family bridal shower. The lingerie, panties, "theme" nights... you name it! So if I look nervous in most of these pictures- It's because I WAS.
Yummy treats made by Jared's cousin
A couple of funny games; That last game was 'toss the teddie' and I did NOT want it!
Told ya. NER-VOUSSS!
Me & my mom after surviving all the embarrassment ;)
The party planners- Jared's cousin, mom and Aunt
My unofficial photographer Kbug! She took ALL the pictures from both showers --so grateful I have so many to look back on and enjoy :)

So that will sum it up! I seriously was blown away by how many people came to support us and shower us with gifts!! The bridal showers were definitely some of my favorite parts leading up to the wedding. Obviously getting all new gifts was AWESOME- but seriously, seeing how many people loved Jared & I, it's overwhelming to think about :)

I can't wait to throw someone else a bridal shower and make them feel as special as I did!! What was your favorite part OR most embarrassing part of your bridal shower?! Have a great Wednesday!!!


  1. I felt so overwhelmed at my bridal showers! Knowing that all those people were there just for me, and that I was the CENTER of attention made me really quiet and shy... and I am NOT either of those! HAHA

  2. wedding showers really do make you feel loved!! looks like you had some good ones ;) and ditto to carolyn's comment... lol

  3. mmmm I can't get over all of the food! Looks delicious lol

  4. Your showers look like a blast! I miss those days and all the free stuff (but not the spotlight!)

  5. Dang girl! You racked it up! And are you shoes from Target? i have them and they are some of my favs!!

  6. lucky girl!! presents!!!!!!!


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