Wedding Wednesday {Rockin' Bridal Party!}

This is pretty much a big deal. And probably ridiculous.
But I'm posting twice today, so hope you get over it enjoy.

I've talked specifically about all our great 'maids and men, so there are few words needed here. These pics were taken right after the first look and were a fun time to be with all our closest friends
 right before the ceremony. This group is awesome :)

And how cute are my flower girl & ringbearer?!?!
Oh and get ready for it.... watch the flowers. Watch my face...
One too many fist pumps with the flowers and SNAP, they were done.
Nothing a little masking tape couldn't fix later though! ;)


With my two new brothers! :)

That was some crazy picture AND post overload today!
Make sure you read my birthday recap from earlier over here.



  1. love these pictures! We had the same bridesmaids dresses except our were mocha!!

  2. The picture of you and your flower girl is my favorite! You can tell how much she admires you from her face :) I'm so excited to read more recaps! And I'm glad you had a great birthday week, it looked like the best time!!

  3. I love the covered bridge behind you all. Fun pictures!!!

  4. Love these pictures. The setting is fabulous! I can't believe your flowers broke!! Ahhh. Wedding craziness always makes me laugh...after the wedding, of course!

  5. Great photos! Love your dress and the colors you chose for your wedding! Glad you were able to fix your flowers!


  6. Gorgeous! Love their dresses & your hair!

  7. Love these pics! Looks like you had a blast! I can't believe you broke your flowers! HAHAHAHA :)

  8. Hahaha I love your expression when those flowers were flying! beautiful pictures!

  9. Beautiful pictures! The orange dresses with the green grass and blue sky made everything pop nicely! And your dress is so pretty!

  10. Such cute pics! I just had to pop over and say hi because I saw your profile pic and I have the same dress, haha!! :)

  11. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again - LOVE your wedding colors. They are awesome and so unexpected!

    Hope you had a great weekend chica!

  12. Love all of your new blog stuff!!! :) Sorry I missed your birthday!!! Happy Belated! I have your same camera in silver! Love the wedding pictures too!



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