Wedding Wednesday {First Look}

J and I chose to see other before the ceremony and I'm SO glad we did. Not only did it calm my nerves, but it was truly the only 20 minutes we spent together, alone, for the rest of the evening! Our photographer was there to capture it all, and honestly I felt like she wasn't even there for the first few minutes. It was sooo exciting to see him that afternoon, all dressed in our best about to become a MR and MRS!!!

Here are some of my favorite photos of our "First Look"

It looks like I'm going to face plant here- but I was just excited to "sneak" up on him ;) 

He liked the shoes :)

 The old covered bridge could NOT have been any more perfect!!

Hope you didn't mind the picture overload today!! The first look was absolutely one of the best parts of the entire wedding day! Isn't he handsome?!?! If you are a bride-to-be thinking about seeing each other beforehand, I highly recommend it! It was so special! We got the majority of our pictures done before the ceremony so afterward we were able to get to the reception VERY quickly and not leave our guests waiting!

If you're married, did you do a first-look or not? Are you still happy with the decision made?Happy Wednesday all!


  1. This pics are perfect! I love how you showed him the back of your dress and your shoes. So cute! And the bridge was definitely a perfect location!

    The hubby and I saw each other before the wedding too... definitely did not regret it. Calmed my nerves for sure!!

  2. I loved our first look so much!!!!! Yours is adorable!!

  3. SO cute! We didn't have a first look, but I wish that we had. SO...I second her advice, all you brides-to-be! DO a first look! :)

    You were a gorgeous bride! Blue eyes and dark hair?! Stop it. Haha!

  4. Erin, your pictures are SO beautiful. Moments like this makes me wish we HAD done something like this... unfortunately, husband saw me the whole time I was getting ready {I know, bad bad}!

    Love all the pictures :)

  5. I love your Wedding Wednesday posts! And I love the idea of a first look, it's a great photo opportunity in addition to all of the other staged shots!

  6. Ok LOVE the shoes and the back of your dress. This is so sweet! I love how you snuck up on him!

    And I haven't been here since the name change/new look! I love it! Happy Friday chica!

  7. So I am wearing that EXACT dress on my wedding day next June. You look gorgeous in it! I always love finding pictures of other brides who wore it on their day too.


  8. Holy goodness, the back of your dress is gorgeous!

  9. I love ALL of these! I'm with J - love the shoes and dress!

  10. These are perfect!! I'm married and we didn't do a first look... I REGRET NOT DOING IT! It's such a precious moment that you can't redo... Oh well!! =)


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