The city I hate...

....Except for a few select friends, I hate everything about Pittsburgh, PA. I'm sorry if it's your hometown-- but I just can't help it. Football rivalries run deep and Pitt will just never be a friend to me. WHODEY!
Not okay, Mr. ACL-destroyer!!!
But I gotta say, I had a pretty stinkin' fun weekend exploring a new city with college friends I hadn't seen in awhile! My friend Amanda lives in Pitt & we've been trying to coordinate a weekend for me to visit her forever! We finally found one that worked and have been counting down for months. I headed out of work early Friday, picked up another friend of ours, Erin (you remember her!) about halfway there and arrived in Pitt early evening. Just in time to see Amanda's lacrosse team she coaches finish up dominating a game 16-2!!

We grabbed some dinner at a nearby pizza & wings place and then just crashed at Amanda's GORGEOUS place. I especially loved her kitchen-- love white cabinets! :)

We stayed up 'til almost 4 AM talking Friday night. I have seriously not been up that late in yearssss! It was truly a college reunion-- we all had so much to catch each other up on!

Saturday we explored the city despite the rainy/gray day! And for as much as I wanted to hate it- there were a lot of cool buildings, shopping, food etc... that I found myself enjoying!
Getting ready to head out!

Amanda playing tour guide during the rainy day!

Then we made a "pitt" stop (get it?!) at Heinz Field where those dirty, nasty Steelers play. I didn't even WANT to take a picture and have that gross yellow on my camera, but Amanda & Erin are both Steelers fans- so I allowed it. Plus I got to boo them up close and personal, which was very satisfying ;)

That's how I feel about you Roethlisberger & Co!!!

Tour-guide Amanda again. Girl knows her city!!

Just love these girls!!

After much exploring and shopping we ended the night with what else?! Mexican food! It was delicious, and another fun way to celebrate Amanda and I's upcoming birthdays! Her's is this Thursday, and mine is Friday! We're both turning the big 2-5, as you can see ;)

We ended the weekend with church then homemade chili and cornbread. It was a great weekend to just get away with the girls and have fun! The timing was perfect too because J was busy with his brother's bachelor party one of the nights. Gotta' say- it was the first night I'd spent away from J since our wedding though and I definitely missed him! Anyone else find it weird the first time you stayed separate from your hubby?!

Happy Monday everyone!! Thanks for all the love about my new blog name! :)


  1. Looks like so much fun! :) I love the football rivalries!! Happy almost birthday!!

  2. looks like a great time! i hate the steelers!! also, that kitchen is!

  3. Aw this looks perfect. I love exploring new cities (even the ones I "hate"). I was just at Heinz stadium last summer, but no worries not for a game! Haha. I went with my girlfriend to the American Idol Auditions!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! I do love Pittsburgh, but I promise I'm not a steelers fan! I only went to heinz field once and it was for a taylor swift concert so it's not my fault ;) and I agree...her kitchen is gorgeous! I can't wait to have my own to design!

  5. Oh no! You don't love Pittsburgh!!! I love it just because my Grammy was from Western Pennsylvania and they really love the steelers out there. I live outside of Philly so I am sort of partial to this city ; ) I am glad you had a great time despite your dislike of Pittsburgh : )

    I love the pictures! Especially jumping in front of the stadium! So cool!

  6. Looks like a fun girls weekend! :)

  7. I'm from Michigan and my husband got a job in Pittsburgh so we had to move. Prior to moving I hated the city as I dislike like the Steelers greatly and really hate the penguins. Honestly though after moving here I have a stronger hate for everything about this city lol. Looks like you had a fabulous girls weekend. xo

  8. LOVED having you visit!!! PLEASE, come again soon!! xoxo


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