Better late than never, right?!

I'm finally getting around to recapping my weekend! Usually I can take care of this by Sunday night, Monday at the latest. Whoops! I truly just had a non-stop weekend, but I was loving every second of it!

Friday our offices closed early (WOOT!) and J & I headed off to Indianapolis early afternoon. We had tickets to the Pacers v. Thunder game, and J was SURE his team would stomp mine.

It ended up being an AWESOME game, the Pacers won (although they came WAY too close to blowing a 24 point lead!) and we ate some yummy Mexican food downtown after the game. We also sat next to a really nice dad/son which is always good. You never know when some obnoxious drunk is going to end up next to you at a sporting event.

New tee I picked up at the game!
We spent the night in Indy and shopped/explored the town Saturday. Once we got back home, we did a quick dinner and J ever-so-sweetly took me to see Titanic 3D! It.was.incredible. Definitely one of the better 3D movies I've seen-- it really added to the experience, and not all 3D movies do!

Sunday we attended our home church and it was a fantastic Easter service. Great music, great message! J's parents came with us and we attempted a few pictures at the gorgeous church-- the wind was NOT cooperating as you can see. These are the best that came from our attempts.

Then after some great napping/baseball watching-- we headed over to J's parents that evening for some food with the family. It was nice enough to go outside and start a wiffle ball homerun derby, and when 12 neighbor kids came over and wanted to play, we picked teams and a serious game broke out ;)

Since we couldn't make it work to see my parents on actual Easter, we met up with them last night for a dinner to celebrate a late Easter and an early birthday celebration for me (10 days and counting people!). After sitting by the worst possible booth of people we could-- we decided ice cream was a must to make up for it ;)

And what's better than ice cream from Graeters?!
PS- I hope you'll excuse my hair in ALL these pictures. It's in desperate need of a trim,
especially those ridiculous bangs!! YUCK!



  1. What an AWESOME weekend! Sounds like it was so much fun! And you look SO PRETTY in these pictures!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! And no, you don't look bad in the pics, you look adorable!!!

  3. Another fun weekend!!! And your lucky you got to see Titanic as my BF said "absolutely not. I knew what happened to the ship the first time, and I still know in 3d" bummer.

  4. Looks like a great weekend!!! I love your new Pacers shirt...too cute! And I still want to see Titanic in 3D!

  5. You two are the cutest couple of the universe!!

  6. You guys are precious.
    But seriously, girl. GO THUNDER. Oklahoma all the way! :)

  7. What a precious family! I love the kiss cute! I'm glad y'all had a great Easter!


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