Wedding Wednesday -Meet the third & final 'Maid!

I've been recapping our May 28 wedding for the past few months now, and today brings me to my 3rd and final bridesmaid. Another Erin! (If you missed maids ONE and TWO make sure to check 'em out!)
Erin & I met in college. We met pretty early on during all the new freshman orientation stuff they put you through, but we lived in separate dorms and didn't get to really know each other until our sophomore year.

Erin loves sports as much as I do-- okay, probably even more--- so we played intramurals together a lot during undergrad. She is pretty much a baller, and still liked me even though my skills were subpar ;)
Oh heyyyy- awkward stages still apparently happen in college ;)

For three years Erin and I attempted to be roommates at college and it never happened. I know, I know-- how do you "attempt" to be roomies with someone?! At our college, all campus housing is townhouses, with 6 girls to a townhouse. Yes. 6 females. In a smallish townhouse. Living together. Needless to say, although we wanted to be roomies, our somewhat 'separate' other friends could never agree to the final 6 to live together and we would split up to avoid being stuck with a random roomy.
It didn't turn out to be such a bad thing though, because when her roommates annoyed her- she would escape to my apartment and vice versa. Erin is also SUPER smart and we had THE toughest linguistics class together senior year. Thank goodness for that girl-- she kept me motivated and we laughed our way through the class with the ancient professor and hilarious diagrams. Oh, and we studied some.

We graduated and went our separate ways and now live about 2 hours apart. I don't see her as often as I'd like- but we still make it a point to email and call on the regular. She is passionate about teaching and her students and has a general optimism about life. Erin truly makes everyone laugh in her own, easy way of conversation. Couldn't have asked for a sweeter girl to be my friend and bridesmaid.
Oh, and the girl's got MOVES!

My bridesmaids were ALL so amazing- I felt very blessed then, and still, to have these women in my life!



  1. My favorite picture of this post may or may not be that last one of all four of you beauties ;) love you lady.

  2. aw I love how close you all are ... having great girl friends is a blessing

  3. i absolutely love the pictures! it looks like you picked the perfect women to standby your side.

  4. love all the pics so awesome to have such good friends!

  5. Aww how fun! I love great friends & old pictures ;)

  6. Cute pictures!!! Makes me miss all my college friends!


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