Meet my 'Maids- Part I

I was going to dedicate a post to all of my bridesmaids on this Wednesday Wednesday, but after thinking about it.... they are way too special to lump together in one post. They deserve their own, by golly! Plus there are only 3 of them- so it's not like it'll take forever ;)

My older sister Brittney was my matron of honor. I couldn't have picked a better woman to stand by me as I got married. Your sister is your first friend, and if we're being honest here, probably your first enemy too. We might have argued and picked on each other a lot growing up, but what sisters don't when they're just 2 years apart? I often felt like she tried to be a second mother to me which as a kid drove me crazy. As I got older, it was easy to see it was truly just her looking out for me, and she always had my best interests in mind.
That's me w/ the mushroom cut hair.

We are different in many ways, but just because she likes shrimp and I don't,
doesn't mean I can't still love her just the same ;)
I had the great privilege of being her maid of honor and witnessing a beautiful marriage between my sister and the great guy that is perfect for her. Their relationship is truly an inspiration to me.
And even though we live 10 hours apart for now, we always have a lot of fun
catching up and just being sisters.
This is what we like to call our "1st grade school pictures"
She came home for a weekend just to throw me an awesome bridal shower.
It couldn't have been any more perfect or any more fun!

Plus, Brittney is ALWAYS there to help me out in a tough situation ;)
(This bag would NOT come off!)
Christmas, 2011
I love seeing how our friendship continues to grow year after year. She was a huge help in planning my wedding and sharing in my excitement throughout the months. Thankful for her!


  1. aww this is very cute! i am currently in the process of picking my bridesmaids, any advice??

  2. I too am happy for having sisters!!

  3. Aw...this is so sweet! Sisters are a blessing! :)

  4. I've always wanted a sister! You guys are too cute!


  5. you look like you have a great group of girls! LOVE The "mushroom haircut" haha and the first grade smiles are priceless - you had them dead on!

  6. Awwww, y'all are precious! So glad y'all have such a great relationship!!


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