Meet my Maids -Part 2

Happy Wedding Wednesday &
Happy Pi Day (March 14--- 3.14, get it?!)

Last week I talked about my super awesome sister as my matron of honor.
This week, the one and only crazy Lacey is up! :)
Photo by MAB Photos
Lacey and I officially met in 7th grade science class. We ended up bonding over the fact that the ugly boy we both liked had lied to us. We cried & laughed and were best friends ever since ;)

Lacey is truly the friend I could do nothing or everything with and still have a great time. Junior high and high school were FILLED with sleepovers at her house, staying awake until the sun came up. We'd watch movies, stalk people on MySpace and Xanga (Facebook wasn't around yet people!), dare each other to run "to the pool and back" in the pitch-black, middle-of-nowhere backyard.

Lacey is one of the few friends from high school I keep in touch with. She is also the only friend who EVER came to visit me at college. To this day, I don't think she realizes how much that meant to me. The girl's one of the best, I tell ya.
Lacey visiting me at college in 2008
We were both class officers in high school, so I joke that she's forever tied to me. After all, we're in charge of planning our class reunions. And with her help, we pulled out a pretty great 5-year reunion a couple years ago.

We've been through lots of milestones together and I can't even imagine the fun still ahead of us.
At Lacey & her Hubby-To-Be's "Luau Shower"
Some fun at her bachelorette party :)
I had the absolute joy and honor of standing with Lacey on her wedding day. She married her highschool sweetheart in September 2010 and I couldn't have been happier for the two of them.
She was one GORGEOUS bride!

I had gotten engaged a few weeks before Lacey's wedding- and it was incredible to me that the second she was back from her Hawaiian honeymoon, she was calling me to talk wedding details. She wanted info and she wanted to help. Bless her heart, she rocks!!!
At one of my bridal showers
Lacey was the one who, when all bachelorette party plans fell through, she still insisted on taking me out for our favorite Mexican food, a movie (Which happened to time up perfectly with Bridesmaids) and giving me way too many gifts. Yeah, I never got the typical big girls night out bachelorette party, but the two of us had so much fun, it doesn't even matter now. She is truly a one-of-a-kind friend.


  1. Awwww beautiful friendship! You both made gorgeous brides

  2. Such a sweet friendship! I feel you on the college visits...definitely important and meaningful! And I totally knew it was Pi day...only because my husband is a middle school teacher. Their team had all the kids bring in pies...he couldn't stop talking about all the delicious homemade pies he got to eat. :)

  3. Adorable! I love hearing about friendships. Reminds me of me and my best friend :)

    Love this! And your blog!! xo.

  4. You all look like you all have a great friendship! yay for bridemaids!

  5. such pretty photos! looks like the perfect day

  6. Awww =) This is sweet! I had three bridesmaids, too, and they are some of the BEST people alive. I tell ya, we are lucky girls. =) Being a bride-to-be sure does bring out the crazies, but also shows of the people in our lives who have hearts of gold. =)

  7. best friends are THE BEST. Also, my sons birthday was March 14th and people kept asking me if he wanted "Pi" and I had no idea what they meant. After reading this post, now I do, so thank you :)

  8. Lovely blog. Want to follow each other? *

  9. i dont think i've seen a full view of your dress (or maybe i just havent been paying attention) but i LOVE the top - so feminine and flattering!

    and i love the color of your bridesmaid dresses - so bright and cheerful!

    happy weekend friend!

  10. Your dress was stunning! I am currently in the process of planning my wedding. It can be so frustrating at times because of family and financial stresses. Any advice???

    Have a great weekend! :)

    Your newest follower!


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