March Madness!

I hope some of you ladies out there are having fun with March Madness like I am!

My bracket went 14 for 16 yesterday, so I'm feeling pretty good.

And today I'm rocking some black & red to cheer on the
University of Cincinnati!!
Awkard self-portrait because I lack a full-length mirror.

I only have UC winning 1 round, but for today- I'll be cheering for 'em! :)

Tradition in our office is the Friday that March Madness starts, our department always orders pizza so I'll be cheating on my low-carb diet, but just for today. It's back to business tomorrow!

Short post today- 'cuz the office TV just got turned on. It's game-time baby!
Anyone else filling out brackets?
Doing well so far?!



  1. LOVING March Madness! My alma mater plays tonight! SO EXCITED!

  2. mmm... that pizza sounds yummy!
    always love cheat days ... hehe!

    happy weekend <3

  3. I'm sad i didn't make time for a bracket this year like i wanted too.. oh well. PS.. lookin SMOKIN in the black and red. and dang, long hair ;) see you tonight pretty!

  4. My husband has 3 brackets and I know I will be forced to watch basketball! lol I will be cheering on his brackets!

  5. Haha hubby lives for March Madness! We are UK fans here! Cats all the way! :)


  6. You look so pretty in that picture! And I'm lovin' the red jeans ;)

  7. I don't do brackets, but you look stunning!! Love the colored jeans!!

  8. i totally got left out of my office pool!! i think it's because they know my method of choosing by colors and mascots is kick-ass....sore losers ;)

    beautiful pic!

  9. Umm I was just reading today's post and this came up in the "you might also like" spot and HOLY CRAP you look stunning!!! ok, done with the creepy comment now. SEE YOU TOMORROW AHHHHH.


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