Green, and Lots of It!

Have I bragged on my husband lately? Because he made us the MOST delicious dinner tonight and I'm fighting the urge to have seconds thirds. The most perfectly seasoned chicken fajitas with all the topping options! Nom, nom nom!
My handsome chef :)

Anyway- my weekend was BOOKED solid. Basically a Pampered Chef party
 (where I ordered THIS + got a free cookbook and cannot wait to get them both!) Friday after work, spring cleaning on Saturday and a fun-filled day with friends -detailed below- plus spending most of Sunday getting bridal shower favors and decorations together….. 
I'm whooped! I know, I know-- I lead an exciting life.

So I'll let the rest of these crazy pictures do the talking. I hope everyone had a good Monday. I've got all kinds of goodness to share the rest of week!! :)

This shamrock was a buck at Target. Couldn't pass it up.

K-Bug and I; we had a gift card for an Irish restaurant, so we said why not?!
J taking a turn w/ the shamrock--- but truthfully I just wanted a picture of that woman.
The shamrock made it's rounds ;)
That's all for this Monday. I'm telling you, the weekend wore me out.
And blogger made this silly post take ENTIRELY too long.
 I'm off to eat more fajitas pack my lunch for tomorrow.



  1. So I love the pictures. especially that first one of us... however, im not so sure whats goin on with my arm in the second? But we're cute. Oh.. and I'm gonna need you to email me them asap ;) love you..

    did i mention you straight ROCKED that shamrock all night?

  2. You all are too cute in your green! Love the shamrock accessory!

  3. Love your shamrock ... and even more so the fact that it came from the dollar section at target (my favorite part) (:

  4. Looks like you had a fun St. Patty's day...and that printable is adorable. Good job! :)

  5. So cute!! :)
    You guys are precious.
    Yay for awesome hubbies!

  6. Ohhh so fun! I love all the crazy St. Patrick's Day attire. LOL! Thanks for the free printable :o)

  7. So cute! :) Love all the green... I can so not pass up anything cute in the Target "dollar spot" it's my weakness!



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