We've been married 300 days today!!!

Now please don't think I'm a crazy weirdo for knowing that. The only REAL reason I know is that I was buying items for a bridal shower yesterday, and thought to check our BedBath&Beyond registry as well. And it tells you right up top people.. "300 days of happily ever after"
(which is adorable btw)

And speaking of BB&B, I want to announce that somehow I made it out of the store with ONLY the itmes for the bridal shower and nothing for myself. And it was tough. I was totally picking up things and putting them back throughout the entire store.

I spent a good portion of last Sunday helping my mother-in-law get bridal shower gifts and party favors together. Then I received a text last night informing me that THIS sweet lil creature....

....apparently got herself into trouble and tore up all the gift bags and may have eaten a large portion of the candy/goodies that were also included with the stuff to take to the bridal shower.


Say bye-bye to those cute gifts we were packaging up!!!
So we may be doing an emergency shopping trip tonight for a few extra supplies before the shower tomorrow ;) I'll also be making my sister's yummy Oreo Truffles tonight for the partay and will have to resist eating them all before the shower starts.

Main point of this random story?
I love dogs, but I'm not ready for one yet.
Dogs = children = responsibility = Not me yet, please.

Happy Friday!


  1. happy 300 days of love to y'all! :)

  2. Hi Erin! I stumbled upon your blog, started clicking around and then realized we live in the same city! Hopefully you don't think I'm the crazy weirdo now ha! Enjoy your 300th day together! x

  3. hahaha i was wondering how you knew it had been 300 days! you are better than me... i have zero control in BB&B... i'm always like "one for you... one for me" with gifts. lol. i wish i could register again!

  4. Happy 300 days! And you are not a crazy weirdo for knowing that. :)

  5. Haha. This is cute! :)
    And isn't BBandB AMAAZZZZING. Man, I love that store.
    Sad day when the gift cards ran out...

  6. AWW happy 300 days!! BBB is dangerous lol


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