Thursday Randoms!

First off- I want to say THANK YOU to all my awesome followers! I wanted to show some love riiiight when I hit 100, but BAM, you all skipped right over 100 and shot the follower count up even higher. Jerks. It's amazing to me that anyone finds the random stuff I write about interesting- but I'm glad you do. Blogging has turned into such a fun outlet for me and I'm loving it and all of YOU! :)

And since you all are so great- I'm hoping to do a fun giveaway in the very near future--
 so stay tuned!

Another matter of bloggy business- There WILL be a blog name change coming soon too. I know, I know- don't cry. Have any of you changed blog names well into your "blog life" ??

To be honest, I hate my current blog title. It's super generic and I originally only thought I'd use it to document my wedding planning. I've got a couple options in mind so again, stay tuned.

Anyway! Last order of business today. I want to do a FAQ post (or perhaps Vlog?!) on some of the things I get asked a lot via comments and emails. So, if you have anything you want to know please ask away so I can include your ?s in my upcoming post!

Sorry today was so boring- I had to take care of some business. Feel free to tolerate enjoy this video as an apology. Yes, that is me. Yes, I'm on YouTube. Yes, I made an 8 minute video.

Have a great Thursday! :)

Wedding Wednesday - The Guys

Wedding Wednesday!!!
My husband is a STUD! :)

And his groomsmen were pretty great too! Jared's guys consisted of his two brothers --one older, one younger-- and a lifelong friend.
(L to R) brother Caleb, Hubby, brother Cole, friend Joe
And bless our lil' ringbearer for not smiling in any of the professional pictures taken that day! lol ;)

I know the guys had so much fun that day-- and I thought they looked SO awesome in their tuxes and orange vest/tie combo. I love me some orange. Seriously. I'm so thankful that Jared's best friends were able to not let him get cold feet stand by him and celebrate with us. I love that I now have two brothers and a great friend because of Jared.
Love this pic of the guys showing off their watches from J at the reception!!
That's all for this wedding wednesday! I know I'm a crazy person about dates and anniversaries- but today we've been married 10 months! I seriously cannot believe I'm just 2 months away from celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I have some exciting plans in the works and I know Jared does too!

All wedding pictures by MAB Photos

Bad Blogger!

This weekend was one where I was horrible blogger, but an awesome person.

Yes, you read that correctly ;) I give myself awesome points because I didn't take any pictures, I rarely tweeted about what I was up to......and just soaked in every second of weekend-ness.

Lots of relaxation with the hubby, with family, with friends; seeing The Hunger Games and LOVING it; grilling out, making s'mores; buying a jumbo-sized Mt. Dew, when I hadn't had one in weeks... and then bouncing off the walls the rest of the night while cracking myself (and J!) up.

I laughed harder this weekend than I have in a long time and I'm not sorry I don't have pictures to prove it. :) So instead, I leave you with some embarrassing real-life pictures of how we waste time together. None of these were taken this weekend- but hopefully some of them will make you laugh as hard as I did over the past few days!


Also- if you haven't checked our my guest post over HERE with sweet Lindsay,
make sure you do. 

Happy Monday- full of laughter!!!


We've been married 300 days today!!!

Now please don't think I'm a crazy weirdo for knowing that. The only REAL reason I know is that I was buying items for a bridal shower yesterday, and thought to check our BedBath&Beyond registry as well. And it tells you right up top people.. "300 days of happily ever after"
(which is adorable btw)

And speaking of BB&B, I want to announce that somehow I made it out of the store with ONLY the itmes for the bridal shower and nothing for myself. And it was tough. I was totally picking up things and putting them back throughout the entire store.

I spent a good portion of last Sunday helping my mother-in-law get bridal shower gifts and party favors together. Then I received a text last night informing me that THIS sweet lil creature....

....apparently got herself into trouble and tore up all the gift bags and may have eaten a large portion of the candy/goodies that were also included with the stuff to take to the bridal shower.


Say bye-bye to those cute gifts we were packaging up!!!
So we may be doing an emergency shopping trip tonight for a few extra supplies before the shower tomorrow ;) I'll also be making my sister's yummy Oreo Truffles tonight for the partay and will have to resist eating them all before the shower starts.

Main point of this random story?
I love dogs, but I'm not ready for one yet.
Dogs = children = responsibility = Not me yet, please.

Happy Friday!

Wedding Wednesday -Meet the third & final 'Maid!

I've been recapping our May 28 wedding for the past few months now, and today brings me to my 3rd and final bridesmaid. Another Erin! (If you missed maids ONE and TWO make sure to check 'em out!)
Erin & I met in college. We met pretty early on during all the new freshman orientation stuff they put you through, but we lived in separate dorms and didn't get to really know each other until our sophomore year.

Erin loves sports as much as I do-- okay, probably even more--- so we played intramurals together a lot during undergrad. She is pretty much a baller, and still liked me even though my skills were subpar ;)
Oh heyyyy- awkward stages still apparently happen in college ;)

For three years Erin and I attempted to be roommates at college and it never happened. I know, I know-- how do you "attempt" to be roomies with someone?! At our college, all campus housing is townhouses, with 6 girls to a townhouse. Yes. 6 females. In a smallish townhouse. Living together. Needless to say, although we wanted to be roomies, our somewhat 'separate' other friends could never agree to the final 6 to live together and we would split up to avoid being stuck with a random roomy.
It didn't turn out to be such a bad thing though, because when her roommates annoyed her- she would escape to my apartment and vice versa. Erin is also SUPER smart and we had THE toughest linguistics class together senior year. Thank goodness for that girl-- she kept me motivated and we laughed our way through the class with the ancient professor and hilarious diagrams. Oh, and we studied some.

We graduated and went our separate ways and now live about 2 hours apart. I don't see her as often as I'd like- but we still make it a point to email and call on the regular. She is passionate about teaching and her students and has a general optimism about life. Erin truly makes everyone laugh in her own, easy way of conversation. Couldn't have asked for a sweeter girl to be my friend and bridesmaid.
Oh, and the girl's got MOVES!

My bridesmaids were ALL so amazing- I felt very blessed then, and still, to have these women in my life!


Green, and Lots of It!

Have I bragged on my husband lately? Because he made us the MOST delicious dinner tonight and I'm fighting the urge to have seconds thirds. The most perfectly seasoned chicken fajitas with all the topping options! Nom, nom nom!
My handsome chef :)

Anyway- my weekend was BOOKED solid. Basically a Pampered Chef party
 (where I ordered THIS + got a free cookbook and cannot wait to get them both!) Friday after work, spring cleaning on Saturday and a fun-filled day with friends -detailed below- plus spending most of Sunday getting bridal shower favors and decorations together….. 
I'm whooped! I know, I know-- I lead an exciting life.

So I'll let the rest of these crazy pictures do the talking. I hope everyone had a good Monday. I've got all kinds of goodness to share the rest of week!! :)

This shamrock was a buck at Target. Couldn't pass it up.

K-Bug and I; we had a gift card for an Irish restaurant, so we said why not?!
J taking a turn w/ the shamrock--- but truthfully I just wanted a picture of that woman.
The shamrock made it's rounds ;)
That's all for this Monday. I'm telling you, the weekend wore me out.
And blogger made this silly post take ENTIRELY too long.
 I'm off to eat more fajitas pack my lunch for tomorrow.


March Madness!

I hope some of you ladies out there are having fun with March Madness like I am!

My bracket went 14 for 16 yesterday, so I'm feeling pretty good.

And today I'm rocking some black & red to cheer on the
University of Cincinnati!!
Awkard self-portrait because I lack a full-length mirror.

I only have UC winning 1 round, but for today- I'll be cheering for 'em! :)

Tradition in our office is the Friday that March Madness starts, our department always orders pizza so I'll be cheating on my low-carb diet, but just for today. It's back to business tomorrow!

Short post today- 'cuz the office TV just got turned on. It's game-time baby!
Anyone else filling out brackets?
Doing well so far?!


Meet my Maids -Part 2

Happy Wedding Wednesday &
Happy Pi Day (March 14--- 3.14, get it?!)

Last week I talked about my super awesome sister as my matron of honor.
This week, the one and only crazy Lacey is up! :)
Photo by MAB Photos
Lacey and I officially met in 7th grade science class. We ended up bonding over the fact that the ugly boy we both liked had lied to us. We cried & laughed and were best friends ever since ;)

Lacey is truly the friend I could do nothing or everything with and still have a great time. Junior high and high school were FILLED with sleepovers at her house, staying awake until the sun came up. We'd watch movies, stalk people on MySpace and Xanga (Facebook wasn't around yet people!), dare each other to run "to the pool and back" in the pitch-black, middle-of-nowhere backyard.

Lacey is one of the few friends from high school I keep in touch with. She is also the only friend who EVER came to visit me at college. To this day, I don't think she realizes how much that meant to me. The girl's one of the best, I tell ya.
Lacey visiting me at college in 2008
We were both class officers in high school, so I joke that she's forever tied to me. After all, we're in charge of planning our class reunions. And with her help, we pulled out a pretty great 5-year reunion a couple years ago.

We've been through lots of milestones together and I can't even imagine the fun still ahead of us.
At Lacey & her Hubby-To-Be's "Luau Shower"
Some fun at her bachelorette party :)
I had the absolute joy and honor of standing with Lacey on her wedding day. She married her highschool sweetheart in September 2010 and I couldn't have been happier for the two of them.
She was one GORGEOUS bride!

I had gotten engaged a few weeks before Lacey's wedding- and it was incredible to me that the second she was back from her Hawaiian honeymoon, she was calling me to talk wedding details. She wanted info and she wanted to help. Bless her heart, she rocks!!!
At one of my bridal showers
Lacey was the one who, when all bachelorette party plans fell through, she still insisted on taking me out for our favorite Mexican food, a movie (Which happened to time up perfectly with Bridesmaids) and giving me way too many gifts. Yeah, I never got the typical big girls night out bachelorette party, but the two of us had so much fun, it doesn't even matter now. She is truly a one-of-a-kind friend.

Clue, Shamrocks, & Spring

This weekend was fantastic! Not in the "something totally earth-shattering happened" kindof fantastic.... it was just FUN, and carefree and all kinds of awesome!

It started when I got my CUTE cowl scarf in the mail from sweet Jess over at The In-Between. Her mom handmade it for her giveaway!! If you don't follow her yet, you really should. She's cute, fashionable and funny. So click that link already! ;)

We also had my brother-in-law and his KBug (meaning rock star girlfriend!) over Thursday night just to hang out. We finally played The Office version of Clue that we got for Christmas... and WOW, it was fun.

And intense. And we all thought we were going to win.... Until I made an 'accusation' at the end -only to open the envelope and reveal that we had played the entire game wrong. Wrong cards in the envelope darnit!! We laughed it off but MUST play again. I'm a little addicted to board games. (NERD.ALERT)

Friday was lay-low kinda' night because our big "Shamrock Shuffle" 5k was Saturday morning. I can't TELL you how long it took me to fall asleep Friday night though. I had job-interview, first-day-of-school and major-surgery type of nerves ALL rolled into one. I was super nervous about the race, and I have no idea why!

It was of COURSE, freezing cold Saturday morning in Ohio so I had lots of under armour working for me. I think by the time the race started it was maybe 34 degrees. And windy. Which is why my lips feel like cracked sandpaper today!!

But the race was AWESOME! I had so much fun and actually got an okay time for me. It was my first race back from almost 18 months of slacking. I wish I had more pictures because I know crossing the finish line I was smiling ear to ear!
Post race w/ the hubs! He got his best 5k time ever, too! :)
After the race we hit up the mall for no particular reason. I'm trying not to let myself realllly shop until I'm at my goal weight--- Which by the way, I'm down 11.5 pounds since the beginning of the year! WOOT!  Sunday was GORGEOUS and sunny (where was that for the 5k?!) Our day was filled with church, lunch, a start on our spring cleaning and a loooonggg leisurely walk in our neighborhood soaking in the sun. Ahhh, Spring is ((unofficially)) HERE!

Happy Monday all! :) Did you get to enjoy any beautiful weather this weekend??

Meet my 'Maids- Part I

I was going to dedicate a post to all of my bridesmaids on this Wednesday Wednesday, but after thinking about it.... they are way too special to lump together in one post. They deserve their own, by golly! Plus there are only 3 of them- so it's not like it'll take forever ;)

My older sister Brittney was my matron of honor. I couldn't have picked a better woman to stand by me as I got married. Your sister is your first friend, and if we're being honest here, probably your first enemy too. We might have argued and picked on each other a lot growing up, but what sisters don't when they're just 2 years apart? I often felt like she tried to be a second mother to me which as a kid drove me crazy. As I got older, it was easy to see it was truly just her looking out for me, and she always had my best interests in mind.
That's me w/ the mushroom cut hair.

We are different in many ways, but just because she likes shrimp and I don't,
doesn't mean I can't still love her just the same ;)
I had the great privilege of being her maid of honor and witnessing a beautiful marriage between my sister and the great guy that is perfect for her. Their relationship is truly an inspiration to me.
And even though we live 10 hours apart for now, we always have a lot of fun
catching up and just being sisters.
This is what we like to call our "1st grade school pictures"
She came home for a weekend just to throw me an awesome bridal shower.
It couldn't have been any more perfect or any more fun!

Plus, Brittney is ALWAYS there to help me out in a tough situation ;)
(This bag would NOT come off!)
Christmas, 2011
I love seeing how our friendship continues to grow year after year. She was a huge help in planning my wedding and sharing in my excitement throughout the months. Thankful for her!