Wedding Wednesday -Reception Venue

Last Wedding Wednesday I shared a few pictures of our church, and now it's time to share our reception hall. As you know from my last post- we were really excited to find a church and hall just a couple miles down the road from each other. We really didn't want that huge gap of time between ceremony and reception and this helped out a lot! In fact, I'm pretty sure we almost beat some of our guests to the reception we got there so quickly!

Our hall was perfect for us-- intimate and small, but definitely large enough to accomodate all of our invited guests (275). The venue is just the one ballroom which was great! I've been to weddings before that you can hear the prom next door bumping, or where random strangers try to crash. Not gonna' happen here ;)
The outside of our hall-- nothing fancy, but not important to us.
We got all our pictures taken care of at the church!

Here are a few pictures from the day before while we were setting up before the rehearsal.
My sister and I setting up
Checking out how it looked with the lights dimmed
Orange everyyyyywhere :)
And if you look closely- you just might see, J's grandma and my mom practicing the Cupid Shuffle.

Overall we were VERY happy with our venue. Definitely affordable, their food was FANTASTIC and they included just about everything you could need for a wedding reception. I wasn't all about making centerpieces and going super fancy-schmancy on small details, so it was a perfect place for us. We planned our wedding 100% Pinterest free, so I like that we chose things we liked, not just things that were trendy. Plus, from the time we actually booked the venue, they got lots of upgrades like a brand new dance floor, more options in sash colors, etc. that we got to enjoy for our wedding with the "old" prices. Score!


  1. Love it! The pops of orange are so pretty!!

  2. So pretty!!! :) I can only hope for a reception that pretty!

  3. soo pretty! i love how your dress and jewelry matched the reception decor so cute!

  4. Beautiful! I love orange in weddings!

  5. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful! I want something very similar except green instead of orange!

  6. I love the pop of orange! Very pretty!


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