Love is in the Air

Jared & I decided to celebrate our Valentine's Day this weekend and we had a BLAST! Since we both work all day Tuesday, we figured we'd rather go out on the town Saturday, and have a quiet night at home on VDay! (I'll be attempting making dinner for him!)

I actually PAINTED my nails for the first time in months--- it had seriously been forever. I wish I could always have them painted nicely, but I just can't keep up with it! I did a fun, bold red for Valentine's Day though and I'm loving 'em!

Before heading out!
 (WOW- I'm missing that Mexico tan more and more every picture I take!) ;)

I knew we had reservations somewhere (a surprise by Jared!), but that we planned to do a little shopping first. We went to a Half-Price books, and I tried my best to limit my purchases… but it's TOUGH!! I love to read!

I now definitely have my next few books for my 12 in '12 goals!! :)
After book shopping and some browsing at Marshalls ((ps- I bought red skinny's and I am terrified/thrilled to wear them for the first time!!)) it was time to head to the restaurant!

Carlo & Johnny's to be exact! I was PUMPED-- a super nice place we'd never been to and is supposed to have some of THE best steaks in town. It actually used to be a casino & mafia hang out so the whole place has a very 'old Hollywood' feel. SO much fun!
Tasty basket of bread & MONOGRAMMED butter
A steak & grilled asparagus that did NOT disappoint!
And we couldn't pass up a light dessert of fresh fruit & the best-tasting whipped cream I'd ever had!!

Seriously a GREAT night! The place was fun and romantic at the same time, and we love trying new restaurants! I'm looking forward to Vday round 2 on Tuesday. I'm excited about making dinner, a light dessert (both of us are dieting!) and giving him a gift!

I'd love to hear how you'll spend your Vday! With a significant other? Friends? Not celebrating at all? Anti-Vday? ;) Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to tune into the Grammys for awhile!



  1. What great free goodies! & it looks like y'all had an awesome date!

  2. that place looks FUN and the food looked YUMMY! i loved the book ROOM this weekend i realized after numerous photos. i SOOOOOO NEED A TAN!!! BIG TIME!!!

    vday we do dinner in and always have ;) this year will be fondu!

  3. What a great Valentine's Day date night ;)

    Tara xo

  4. Love your nail color; they look great!! Oh and I have yet to buy colored skinnys...I love them but are also terrified to wear them haha! I love the atmosphere at Carlo & Johnny! So exciting to celebrate 2 nights for V-day!

  5. Looks like a great V-day date! Such a nice restaurant... that food looks devine. Ps. love that nail color, girl!

  6. Yum!!! That food looks amazing!!! Sounds like you had a great Valentine's day! :) And I can't wait to see the red skinnies!!

  7. This looks like so much fun :) My mouth is def watering now!

  8. pretty nail color!

  9. yum your dinner looks amazing!! i love a good steak dinner. and i love that color you painted your nails, what is the brand and the name of the shade?

  10. this looks like such a fun date night!! i just painted my nails the same shade of red!! love it. you guys are so cute together! :) hope tomorrow is relaxing and special for you as well!

  11. this inspires me to paint my nails red tonight! and maybe attempt a pink heart on one of the nails :)

  12. very inspiring!!! lovely pics!

    visit my blog too...


  13. looks like a great date night!! we're celebrating vday a little late around here bc my hubs has to work tomorrow night.

    you can TOTALLY rock red skinnies ;)

  14. love that nail color! Looks like you had a great time celebrating :) hope your home cooked dinner tonight was a success!

  15. OH erin thanks for visiting my blog! look like you all had a great time on valentines! Love free products too! yay! I'm following!

  16. you be rocking those red nails! love it! i wish i had the talent to do my looks awful when i attempt. i begged kev to try and paint them all the time because he is super artsy fartsy. looks like a great valentines date with you and your man. :-)


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