4 years together

February 28, 2008 we became an official couple. Hard to believe that has been FOUR years ago.

Today also marks 9 months of marriage :) Ahh, I'm such a sap when it comes to special dates!
1.5 years
2 years

2.5 years

3 years

3.5 years

4 years :)

Love my man!!!
And on another note-- I rocked the red skinnies over the weekend for the first time.

I apologize for the crappy picture-- I may or may not have been in Restoration Hardware and there were lots of people around so I was going stealth mode for the pic. Hey- we don't have a full length mirror ANYWHERE in our house. Girls gotta' do what a girl's gotta do, am I right?! :)



  1. Happy anniversary! :) And I love the red skinnies! And I love that you took the pic in Restoration Hardware even more! :)

  2. Happy 4 Years! You two are the CUTEST!

  3. Happy 4 Years!!! I am a sucker for celebrating dates too! AND, Happy 9 Months! Crazy how time flies, isn't it???

  4. Happy anniversary! I'm a sap for special dates too :) Oh and loving those red skinnies! I want some!

  5. happy anniversary! i love to celebrate all significant dates, too. and go get you a full length mirror, girl.

  6. Lol ok I've got lots for you:

    1. Love restoration hardware
    2. We don't have a full length mirror in our house either!
    3. Love the skinnys
    4. Aww happy 4 years!

  7. Y'all are precious, thanks for sharing!!

  8. y'all are so adorable! Zach and I will be together 4 years in October and married 4 months in March!!!

    Love love those red skinny jeans on you they look good!

  9. Awh! Congrats on 4 years! That's so exciting! So are the red skinny jeans!! :)
    Have a great rest of the week!

  10. wooohooo 4 years! you guys are sooo cute

  11. Happy 4 years...time flies when you're in love. :) And I love the red skinnies!

  12. PS. I posted the actual bucket list if you want to check it out!

  13. What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary ;)

    Any you did ROCK the skinnies!

  14. time flies when you're having fun...and in love:-) happy day! xoxo

  15. happy anniversary!
    (I love Restoration Hardware but so expensive!)

  16. aww happy four years together! you guys make such a good-looking couple! and you rocked the heck out of those red skinnies!

  17. Yay! :) Happy 4 years and 9 months of marriage! :)


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