Where it All Began

This is going to be one of my longer posts and includes lotsss of pictures- I'll warn you now. I've been wanting to write the story of how Jared and I meant for awhile now- so here goes :)

March-April 2007
Through a friend of a friend of a friend (you know how college is!) I had acquired a fleece Bengals zip-up and had been wearing it around our college campus, not thinking anything of it. It had been left at our apartment, no one seemed to know who's it was, and I loved the Bengals, so I wore it! Everyone shared clothes in college anyway, so I wasn't too concerned about who's it might actually be.

One late night when we had nothing better to do, a friend and I were Facebook stalking/browsing, whatever you want to call it. Her friend Jared had recently commented on a picture of hers, and I asked who it was. She pulled up his profile and Whew, he was cuuuuute! And I let my friend know I thought that. She laughed and then said, "Actually, he's from your hometown area and loves the Bengals too!" I immediately said, "Wow, well I'm going to date him." She cracked up, but I was serious. I know, I'm a creep.

Suddenly, my friend has a lightbulb moment. Apparently, the fleece I'd been wearing, was JARED'S!!! She had seen him a few nights before and he mentioned that "I think one of your friends might have it. I saw some girl you hang out with wearing one that looked just like it," but she hadn't put 2 and 2 together until now.

I was mortified and told my friend she had to return it first thing tomorrow and to apologize because I had no idea who's it was. Come to find out-- I was going to be returning it myself. At our college, we had weekly chapels which everyone attended, and apparently he had been sitting two rows behind our group of friends all semester. Super.

It turned out not to be a big deal at all, my friend and I returned the fleece together, and I explained how it had been left in our apartment. Jared joked that it looks like I had taken good care of his favorite jacket so he wouldn't be mad at me. Did I mention how cute he was?!?!

We became friends due to our mutual friend who helped solve the Missing Fleece Mystery-- and hung out with the same big group of friends a few times throughout the rest of the semester. We even had our first picture taken together at a friend's house during game night. An up-your-noses and not flattering picture.
Nothing came of our friendship as Spring semester came to an end. We'd had a lot of fun getting to know each other, and like I said- lots of fun group hangouts. I definitely liked him, but we'd only known each other for a couple months.

That summer, we exchanged a couple casual Facebook messages, and he called once to see if I wanted to join a group going to an amusement park (I had to work and couldn't go) but still nothing more.

Came back to school in the fall. Groups hung out for Jared's birthday, for a gift exchange, for the Christmas-themed basketball game.
What a cute elf, huh? ;)

Fast Forward to JANUARY of 2008
We finally admitted we had more-than-friends feelings and hung out constantly. I wasn't ready to take the "official" jump yet, but we might as well have been.
Guitar hero and the notorious Bengals fleece I stole!

We attended his cousin's wedding together and I got to meet his entire extended family. It was actually cool since we weren't even a couple yet, but I got to see how close he and his brothers and other family were. Other than a few comments from younger cousins that night (Them-How long have you been dating Jared? Me- Uhh, we aren't?) we had a lot of fun!

February 28, 2008 We made it official :)

We love a good theme party!!!

In 2008 we had a museum membership (NERD ALERT!)

We saw my sister get married

And ran our first 5k together!
Halloween 2009

Celebrating 2 years together in 2010
On a fun date after I moved closer and got my own apartment!

And there you have it. The story of how we met and some pictures from our dating :)
Next Up: Engagement, August 2010


  1. Such a cool story! :) It's so much fun to document that kind of stuff!! Can't wait for the engagement story!

  2. Aww I love this story! So funny how people meet in the most random ways. If it's meant to be, it will be! You guys are so cute together... one of my favorite blog couples!
    P.S. sent you an email...but I tagged you today!

  3. aww you two are so cute! I love hearing engagement stories!

    Are you wearing a Pacers #50 shirt? As in Tyler Hansbrough? He is only my favorite basketball player ever! I may or may not have had a huge crush on him while he was here!

  4. Love it! Love you guys! And especially love that a Bengals fleece brought you into our family and started our Mexican food friendship! <3 hugs!

  5. what an awesome love story! i loved seeing all your pics over the years! :)

  6. I want to hear the ENGAGEMENT story now!!! Please don't make me wait ;) Isn't it funny how a little thing like a jacket can lead you to the love of you life?! I LOVE IT! Can't wait for the engagement post, I root it goes up tomorrow hehe.

  7. Awh! :) So cute Erin! I love your love story! It just made me realize I never posted mine! You're getting so good at blogging! SO proud of you! :)


  8. seriously Erin.. you're freakin unreal. This blog is TAKING OFF! (& I never doubted you for a second) love all the fun pics... love you TONS!

  9. such a cUte story! and such a cute couple.

  10. aw adorable story! we are HUGE bengals fans at our house! :)


  11. adorable story!!! You guys are such a cute couple!!!

  12. Aww I love it :)
    & it all started with a Bengals fleece! perfect!

  13. I love how in almost every pic y'all are either holding each other super tight or have your heads tilted toward each other. I'm pretty sure the body language experts would approve! ;)

    This South Korean's Got Seoul

  14. I couldn't stop smiling. I remember "the fleece" like yeaterday. Love it!

  15. What a cute couple you are! So glad you stopped by The Ease of Freeze! Blessings, Sarah

  16. Ahhh this is ADORABLE! Love it :)

  17. Erin. I love how you two met! How precious and random! A fleece sweater! Who would have thought?!? Wow. Adorbs!

    My fiance and I met on the street corner on accident! :) You can read more on my Love Story but it is so random how people meet isn't it? Love will always find away. This made my day :)


  18. this is so adorable!! headed over from lovely little rants. you have an ADORABLE blog. looking forward to reading.


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